Friday, February 12, 2016

A Quick Doctors Visit Update (12 weeks)

I had two doctors appointments last week for baby 2.  The first appointment was my OBGYN.  She told me that I no longer have to take progesterone!  Praise the Lord for that!  It was not a fun medicine to be on and I'm happy it is over.  She also took a listen to baby's heartbeat which was normal though I didn't catch the number she said for baby's heartbeat.  With the all clear she sent me off to my next appointment.

Since I was 12 weeks along I had to go to MFM (Maternal Fetal Medicine) to get the ultrasound that looks for things like Down's syndrome and such.  Baby 2 was not wanting to cooperate one bit!  Baby moved every way and position except what the tech needed.  When I say every potion, I mean every position.  Baby did a headstand for a bit which the tech thought was hoot!  A whole 30 minutes in and Baby finally gave the tech what she needed.  The tech had to get the doctor to give me the results which she said is normal.  

The results for things like Down's syndrome via ultrasound came back fine.  There are no concerns with it at this point but there are lab results still to come.  The MFM doc does not seem concerned at all with its.

She then moved on to the cord pictures. The doc said it shows markers that all indicate a likely goo for pre-eclampsia.  I knew having it before put me at an increased risk for having it again, but I don't think I was prepared to hear it at this point.  Regardless she said she would be surprised if I did develop it later on in this pregnancy.  So she put me on a low dose aspirin daily until further notice.  My BP (blood pressure) is normal but this is preventative.  The MFM doc also wanted to warn me that there is a chance I could be put on bed rest, chance of preterm labor, and possibly a mag drip again if I do develop pre-eclampsia.  That last one scares the crap out of me.  It's the hardest one for me to rationalize and deal with.  The Mag drip is not an easy thing the first time around and knowing it could likely be harder the second time scares me.  All of this just solidifies, especially if I deliver early, that we are done with kids after this baby.

 I walk away from these appointments disappointed but hopeful.  I hope because the docs are being proactive and it is caught early if I develop it that the outcome won't be the same and with Bear.  


  1. I'm sorry the appointments didn't go as you planned but it sounds like baby is doing well despite it all. I hope the aspirin helps and you don't get pre eclampsia.

    1. Baby is on target and doing well and for now I am going to be happy with that. I hope it helps as well. Thanks so much.


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