Friday, February 26, 2016

101 in 1001 update (feb 2016)

It's been a while since I have update my 101 in 1001 progress.


14.  Do five craft Pinterest inspired pins (5/5)  

I have been using Pinterest for many tot school activities.  The last two activities were the Halloween Hand print scene and a melted snowman.  Pinterest has some great children's activities, especially art and crafts stuff.

unfinished but super cute!

Again an unfinished pic
50.  Have an old fashioned family movie night three times (3/3) 

We made a bunch of finger foods, popped some popcorn and then watched Tangled for the third time.  Bear was super happy to be eating "junk" food.  This is something I see us doing more and more the older Bear gets.

51.  Play mini golf/putt putt twice (2/2) 

A few months ago we decided to drop Bear off at daycare and head out for some fun couple time.  We ended up playing mini golf on a pretty rundown course.

92.  Maintain painted nails/toenails for two consecutive months (8/8 weeks)  

So despite having over a year left for this whole thing, I'm deciding to call this one complete because the spirit of this goal was to get me to take better care of my nails.  You more than just cutting them like normal.  I have been using a multi-step box file to keep my nails smooth and prepped for whenever I do feel like wearing nail polish.  This does mean that I have been wearing polish far more often.

Working on:

1.  Have another baby

Clearly I am incubating our second little baby Due in August.

5.  Move Bear out of his crib

We have been slowly been moving Bear into his Big Boy room.  He isn't sleeping in there full time but I feel this has more to do with me feeling sick more often that I don't have the energy to keep putting him back into his bed repeated throughout the night.

13.  Learn and use 5 new crochet stitches (2/5)

Thanks to the book below I have been able to try out some new stitches.  I look forward to see what else I can from this.

Great for anyone looking to get into Crocheting!!!!

19.  Eat twenty Vegetarian meals throughout this project (17/20)

I have been eating way more Vegetarian Meals, but there isn't much to write home about.

20.  Bake thirty new dishes throughout the course of this project (sweet or savory) (17/30)

Once again I have been baking, but once again there was nothing special here.

22.  Cook ten dishes spread out between breakfast (1/3), Lunch (1/3), and Dinner (4/4)

My BIL gave us some Korean ingredients so hubby whipped up a yummy Korean dish.  I however can not remember what he called it.  It was delicious though!

37.  Order different things at restaurant we normally frequent five different times (3/5)

Speaking of Korean food there is a little "fast food" place that has the best bibimbap around.  We go there mainly for their Bibimbap, but we decided to try the pot stickers.  They were very yummy!

57.  Watch twenty-five movies that hubby recommends that I have not seen (13/25)

Just one movie to add to this list... Sanctum.  It was one of those movies I couldn't stop watching.  All I will say is this is why I don't like caves or extreme spelunking.


58.  Write ten makeup related posts (1/10)

Urban Decay Naked Vault.  Need I say more?

Beauty in a box!

76.  Read twenty-five books (fifteen of which must be eBooks) (4/25)

This is one goal I will likely not be able to complete but I did finish the book above.  Now I'm off to go read more by Laine Moriarty.  Any suggestions?

78.  Get better at cutting Men's hair.

There is only one way to get better and that is practice.  Poor Hubby.  He has compared it to one he can get on post so I guess it's not that bad.

79.  Learn one hundred signs and be able to use them with Bear (10/100) 

Bear is using more verbal words, but we are still combining signs with it.  The newest on is "sit down."  This is mainly used for keeping him in his chair during meals.  As a side note I feel like this is total false advertisement as Hubby and I each know way more than 100 signs but we only count them as complete once Bear uses them.  We may need to change this somehow to fit just that.  We may also have to change that with a little on the way to "...with the kids."  since Bear won't be the only one.


I failed nothing since the last update so I'm going to count this as a win!


  1. I like all of Laine Moriarty's books up until the very end. They always seem rushed, like she didn't know how to end them. :( I really like Laura Lippman, she has a private investigator series featuring Tess Monaghan that are really good.


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