Monday, February 29, 2016

Meal Plan Monday

We have several things going on this week so there are plenty of easy meals to pick from.  As requested from the last meal plan there is or will be posting on Green Soup and Spinach Stuffed Shells.  Clearly they are favorites of ours since you are seeing them once again.  

Once again if there is anything you would like to see please let me know.  

Friday, February 26, 2016

101 in 1001 update (feb 2016)

It's been a while since I have update my 101 in 1001 progress.


14.  Do five craft Pinterest inspired pins (5/5)  

I have been using Pinterest for many tot school activities.  The last two activities were the Halloween Hand print scene and a melted snowman.  Pinterest has some great children's activities, especially art and crafts stuff.

unfinished but super cute!

Again an unfinished pic
50.  Have an old fashioned family movie night three times (3/3) 

We made a bunch of finger foods, popped some popcorn and then watched Tangled for the third time.  Bear was super happy to be eating "junk" food.  This is something I see us doing more and more the older Bear gets.

51.  Play mini golf/putt putt twice (2/2) 

A few months ago we decided to drop Bear off at daycare and head out for some fun couple time.  We ended up playing mini golf on a pretty rundown course.

92.  Maintain painted nails/toenails for two consecutive months (8/8 weeks)  

So despite having over a year left for this whole thing, I'm deciding to call this one complete because the spirit of this goal was to get me to take better care of my nails.  You more than just cutting them like normal.  I have been using a multi-step box file to keep my nails smooth and prepped for whenever I do feel like wearing nail polish.  This does mean that I have been wearing polish far more often.

Working on:

1.  Have another baby

Clearly I am incubating our second little baby Due in August.

5.  Move Bear out of his crib

We have been slowly been moving Bear into his Big Boy room.  He isn't sleeping in there full time but I feel this has more to do with me feeling sick more often that I don't have the energy to keep putting him back into his bed repeated throughout the night.

13.  Learn and use 5 new crochet stitches (2/5)

Thanks to the book below I have been able to try out some new stitches.  I look forward to see what else I can from this.

Great for anyone looking to get into Crocheting!!!!

19.  Eat twenty Vegetarian meals throughout this project (17/20)

I have been eating way more Vegetarian Meals, but there isn't much to write home about.

20.  Bake thirty new dishes throughout the course of this project (sweet or savory) (17/30)

Once again I have been baking, but once again there was nothing special here.

22.  Cook ten dishes spread out between breakfast (1/3), Lunch (1/3), and Dinner (4/4)

My BIL gave us some Korean ingredients so hubby whipped up a yummy Korean dish.  I however can not remember what he called it.  It was delicious though!

37.  Order different things at restaurant we normally frequent five different times (3/5)

Speaking of Korean food there is a little "fast food" place that has the best bibimbap around.  We go there mainly for their Bibimbap, but we decided to try the pot stickers.  They were very yummy!

57.  Watch twenty-five movies that hubby recommends that I have not seen (13/25)

Just one movie to add to this list... Sanctum.  It was one of those movies I couldn't stop watching.  All I will say is this is why I don't like caves or extreme spelunking.


58.  Write ten makeup related posts (1/10)

Urban Decay Naked Vault.  Need I say more?

Beauty in a box!

76.  Read twenty-five books (fifteen of which must be eBooks) (4/25)

This is one goal I will likely not be able to complete but I did finish the book above.  Now I'm off to go read more by Laine Moriarty.  Any suggestions?

78.  Get better at cutting Men's hair.

There is only one way to get better and that is practice.  Poor Hubby.  He has compared it to one he can get on post so I guess it's not that bad.

79.  Learn one hundred signs and be able to use them with Bear (10/100) 

Bear is using more verbal words, but we are still combining signs with it.  The newest on is "sit down."  This is mainly used for keeping him in his chair during meals.  As a side note I feel like this is total false advertisement as Hubby and I each know way more than 100 signs but we only count them as complete once Bear uses them.  We may need to change this somehow to fit just that.  We may also have to change that with a little on the way to "...with the kids."  since Bear won't be the only one.


I failed nothing since the last update so I'm going to count this as a win!

Monday, February 22, 2016

Calling It Quits...

I made the decision over Christmas to pull Bear out of the early Intervention / speech therapy program.  After a questionable evaluation I was told that Bear would receive assistance mainly for speech and that a therapist would be coming to our home twice a month for one hour.   They stated that their goal was to teach me how to teach Bear what he needs.  I instantly thought this was a waste of time considering my background in early childhood special education.  Yet, I went in with an open mind and willingness to learn.

Five months and ten session in the therapist kept attempting to get Bear to say or even sign the word "more."  Something he does for us, but has yet to for the therapist.  I asked if we could move on to something else as he says this for us without an issue so it feels like a waste of time all around.  This was after all the tenth session and he appeared in the sessions to have not progressed at all.  At home with me doing exactly what I had been doing prior to the evaluation his language we slowly growing.  I felt like he was ready for something else.  This is when I started to wrestle back and forth with dropping the service as it seemed totally useless if the therapist wasn't able to move on.

In early December we went up to my Dad's house in NY for faux Christmas.  While there my dad would flick on and off this little table top tree.  While he did this he would say "one, two, three" then flick on the tree.  Bear loved this.  After a few times hearing it Bear did what he normally does when I work with him.  He started to mouth the words along with my Dad.  Slowly he started to say them.  After 20 minutes he was saying "one, two, three" on his own prompting the tree to be turned on/off.  He had a blast learning it.  I even got a quick video of it.

A still from a video clip I took
The next week we had another session.  The therapist asked me how the trip went and if Bear said any words during the trip.  I tell the therapist about him saying "one, two, three" to get the tree lights on.  To which the therapist said "No offense but kids that don't say 'mama' or 'more' aren't saying 'one two three.' "  So clearly I show the therapist the video.  After two viewings and a rather dumbfounded look Bear started to say it along with the video.  This was the first word(s) Bear had ever said in therapy EVER!

A still from a video clip I took
I asked the therapist about her teaching technique and what she was trying to do.  She started that she wanted to pull Bear out of his own agenda and into someone else's agenda.  She felt that was the best way for him to learn.  She added that he gets to do whatever he wants and he needed some more structure to his day.  The session ended, but I thought about this for the longest time before talking it over with Hubby.

Bear is 2 1/2 now and he gets to do whatever he wants within reason.  I do work with him and pull him out of his agenda throughout the day.  It could be as simple as meal times where he is told to sit and eat or as complex as a multi-step art project that requires him to focus and listen for several minutes at a time.  However, pulling Bear out of his own agenda isn't necessarily my feelings on the best way to teach him how to incorporate speech into his everyday life.  It clearly wasn't working during the Therapists sessions.

What did work was when I joined him in something he was interested in doing like playing with his little people farm.  He would be engaged in playing and I would slip in beside him and play with a few toys on my own.  I would would say things like "cow says moo" or "the horse looks like he needs water."  Doing appropriate actions to go along with what I was saying.  Bear would watch a first then want to join in.  He would mouth the word(s) I was saying before trying to say them on his own.  When he seemed to have a handle on it I would slip away.  90% of the time Bear would continue to use the words we had gone over.  I didn't need to take him out of his agenda to teach him that.  Learning should be about fun for him.  Times like these you hear him pick up and retain those words.  A few days after that very interaction I open the fridge to get him milk and he says "moo cow milk."

Which brings me today.  Since that last session in Early December Bear has tripled his vocabulary without doing anything more that I was doing prior to his initial evaluation.  Hubby encouraged me to trust my instincts and so I dropped the paperwork into the mail to terminate his early intervention.  For our family this is the right thing.  It shows me exactly what I knew all along.  Bear needed to do things in his own time, in his own way.  I don't regret this decision one bit.

Thursday, February 18, 2016

Baby #2 Bump Update (13 weeks)

I guess it's time for an official Bump Update.

How far along?  I am in 13 weeks.
Total weight gain/loss: At this point I am up or down 2lbs from my starting weight at any given time. 
Maternity clothes? I switched to maternity pants pretty early on.  I was between sizes prior to pregnancy and I switched to maternity pants for the simple fact that I wanted to be comfortable!
Stretch marks?  I will answer this once and only once since it doesn't need to be repeated every update.  I have stretch marks from my pregnancy with Bear.  They have faded nicely, but I fully expect to get more stretch marks this time around, especially if I go full term with this pregnancy.
Sleep: meet my new best friend.

Without this body pillow I wouldn't even get the little sleep that I do get.  Between the nausea, bathroom breaks, body aches and Bear I'm only getting a few hours (1-2) of sleep at a time.  Some days are better than others, but I'll take what I can get!
Best moment this week: Hitting the 13 week mark.  It means I am that much closer to knowing the gender of this little one.  I'm also excited that it's that much closer to meeting him or her. 
Have you told family and friends: We have told everyone and I announced it online shortly after.  Everyone is super excited!  
Movement: Nothing that is noticeable yet.  I have had some cramping that I attribute to my growing uterus, but not fetal movement.  
Food Cravings: Mainly sweets this time around.  Someone told me that means girl, but I won't bet the bank on it 😉.  I have been increasing my protein intake as its best for baby and supposedly can keep me from going into preterm labor.  While that's not a concern right now I am hoping that early habits carry through this pregnancy.  Now to control the mass amounts of sweets I've been eating!
Anything making you queasy or sick:  yes!  Kimchi makes me sick, so does horseradish and sauerkraut.  Random things also make me sick for a short period of time.  Ice cream made me sick one night.  Shrimp, white rice, a hamburger, and various other things have made me sick at one point or another throughout these past few weeks.  I have enjoyed some of the items that have made me sick temporarily like hamburgers or ice cream.  I've just limited the quantity of I have all at once.  That seems to help!
Have you started to show yet:  Since I have moved into maternity jeans I would have to say yes.  Based solely off of the fact that my snow pants don't fit and they fit perfectly when I bought them back in October.  I guess it is true what they say that the second pregnancy you show sooner than the first.  I'm still in that in between stage though.  Where you aren't sure if the person is pregnant or just ate a big meal. 
Gender prediction: I'm thinking this baby is a girl, but then again I'm likely wrong.  I'm usually wrong so it wouldn't be a shock to me to find out this was baby was a boy.  We will know around Easter for sure.  Boy or girl we will be happy as long as the baby is healthy.  
Labor Signs: No, thankfully!  I hope it stays that way until I hit at least 37 weeks.
Belly Button in or out? My belly button is in and I never "popped" so to speak with Bear.  This makes me oddly nervous! 
Wedding rings on or off? I haven't been wearing it as much as normal, but with the cold weather it feels too loose for my liking.  It still fits though.  When it doesn't I will move to my plain white gold wedding band.  The one I wore in later pregnancy with Bear and while he was an infant.  I was always afraid of accidentally scratching him with my ring.  I'll likely stick with the plain band this time as well.
Mood most of the time:  I'm exhausted!  ALL. THE. TIME.  I'm waiting for the second trimester energy boost!
Weekly Wisdom: I'm holding onto the saying that my grandmother used to say... "This too shall pass."  Meaning the good and the bad.  It all comes and goes.  I get sick and hate it, but when it's not there I start to worry a bit about the pregnancy.  
Milestones: I'm almost done with the first trimester.  Other "milestones" I guess are that we are prepping for the new baby by starting to check all of the old baby equipment we saved.  We are also working on moving Bear to big boy bed so we can fix up the crib.  Basically, just seeing what we need to get this little one.  His room is complete so that's a big thing checked off the baby prep list!

What I miss:  I am greatly missing a Cold (as in temperature) cold cut sandwich, runny eggs, and sushi!  I know I can eat cooked rolls, it's just not the same things.  Neither is a hot cold cut sandwich. Ugh.  I'll eat what modified food I can until I can have what I want.

Like this delicious runny egg breakfast sandwich.... 
What I am looking forward to: Meeting this little one!  Who isn't excited about meeting their little bundle of joy?

Tuesday, February 16, 2016

Currently I am...

It's been an interesting few weeks so I figured one of these random current posts would be a great idea right about now.

Waiting - I feel like this is all I have been doing lately.  Waiting for doctors appointments. Waiting for Hubby to come home to help me lift something.  Waiting for nap time.  Waiting for a day when this pregnancy gets easier.  Frankly, I'm sick of waiting.  However, I just need to learn some patience.  Learn to not be going all the time.  There is a time to be busy and I time to rest.  I guess this is my time to rest or so it would seem.

Cooking - Comfort food.  Lots of easy soups, stews, and Cajun/Creole have been at the top of my lists.  They are easy to make and packed with flavor.  I keep trying new ones starting with Lasagna Soup.

Buying - A LOT!  Bear got his new bed and dresser which he needed.  His old crib and dresser will become the new Baby's stuff.  We also have picked up several items for the new baby as well.  Just the basics as we have most of what we need.  When we find out the gender I am sure we will be buying up a storm.

Watching - The show "Bones."  I have only seen episodes here and there of this show before I started watching it recently.  All of the shows I have been watching on Netflix I've caught up on.  I needed a new show until then so I started Bones.  It's much better than I remember it being.

Drinking - Flavored Water.  I'm going to put it that way because I have been pouring tiny bits of juice, Gatorade, and teas into my water to give it some flavor.  It helps me drink more than I normally would.  It's not all the time and only in super small amounts so I don't have much of a problem with it.  The goal is more water and however, I get it, I get it. 

Reading - I just finished reading "Big Little Lies" which I loved!  I decided to take a week or so for a mental break and just "read" and work with my new Crochet book.  I'm trying to learn new designs and this book has helped me a ton!  I'm not great, but I'm getting there.  

Wanting - To get my hands on a Mary Berry cookbook, especially one of her baking cookbooks.  She makes some the most amazing baked goods!  I'm dying to try her recipes.  Now to narrow it down  to one cookbook to start. 

Planning -  What needs to get done prior to Baby and prioritizing it.  The biggest things I'm planning right now is potty training Bear and moving him into his Big boy room.

Enjoying - My time with just Bear.  I'm showering him with attention while I can.  Get to do a lot with him by keeping up with tot school.  

Wearing - Comfy clothes that mainly means PJ pants and warm hoodies.  When you don't feel well all you want is comfortable clothes.  

What are you currently up to?

Friday, February 12, 2016

A Quick Doctors Visit Update (12 weeks)

I had two doctors appointments last week for baby 2.  The first appointment was my OBGYN.  She told me that I no longer have to take progesterone!  Praise the Lord for that!  It was not a fun medicine to be on and I'm happy it is over.  She also took a listen to baby's heartbeat which was normal though I didn't catch the number she said for baby's heartbeat.  With the all clear she sent me off to my next appointment.

Since I was 12 weeks along I had to go to MFM (Maternal Fetal Medicine) to get the ultrasound that looks for things like Down's syndrome and such.  Baby 2 was not wanting to cooperate one bit!  Baby moved every way and position except what the tech needed.  When I say every potion, I mean every position.  Baby did a headstand for a bit which the tech thought was hoot!  A whole 30 minutes in and Baby finally gave the tech what she needed.  The tech had to get the doctor to give me the results which she said is normal.  

The results for things like Down's syndrome via ultrasound came back fine.  There are no concerns with it at this point but there are lab results still to come.  The MFM doc does not seem concerned at all with its.

She then moved on to the cord pictures. The doc said it shows markers that all indicate a likely goo for pre-eclampsia.  I knew having it before put me at an increased risk for having it again, but I don't think I was prepared to hear it at this point.  Regardless she said she would be surprised if I did develop it later on in this pregnancy.  So she put me on a low dose aspirin daily until further notice.  My BP (blood pressure) is normal but this is preventative.  The MFM doc also wanted to warn me that there is a chance I could be put on bed rest, chance of preterm labor, and possibly a mag drip again if I do develop pre-eclampsia.  That last one scares the crap out of me.  It's the hardest one for me to rationalize and deal with.  The Mag drip is not an easy thing the first time around and knowing it could likely be harder the second time scares me.  All of this just solidifies, especially if I deliver early, that we are done with kids after this baby.

 I walk away from these appointments disappointed but hopeful.  I hope because the docs are being proactive and it is caught early if I develop it that the outcome won't be the same and with Bear.  

Thursday, February 11, 2016

Home Tour: Bears' Big Boy Room (phase 1)

Also known as the former Playroom.  We technically have a 5 bedroom house but there are only 3 bedrooms upstairs.  Our Bouns room downstairs will become the new "playroom" for all intensive purposes.  His old bedroom will become the nursery for the new baby.  So without further delay let's dive into his new room.  

We took a trip to IKEA to pick up his Kura Bed, canopy and mattress.  

Once home the assembly began.

We made the bed before putting together the canopy.

The whole time the rest of the room looked like this!  My anxiety was super high from the mess.

Once the bed was built we started cleaning the room out.  Things had to go to make it work.  
There will be even more changes that have to be made to get his dresser to fit, but that will be phase 2 of this move.

The train table needed to clean up quite a bit as there were track pieces everywhere.  I'm hoping that in simplifying it he will be less tempted to play with it in the middle of the night.

This area works for now but the dresser is going to have to fit in somewhere in this area.  Likely against the wall with the storage unit.

Between the train table and the hot wheels garage it leave little room for much else.  

I guess he likes it!

Tuesday, February 9, 2016

Meal Planning

My challenge every week in meal planning is to keep things fresh.  We want a variety normally, however, this week seems to be all about salads and leftovers.  We are trying to clean out the pantry and freezer a bit so when you do that obviously you tend to have some repeats.  Well, we came up with based on what we want to use up.

If there is anything you would want to see in more detail please let me know.

Monday, February 8, 2016

I know I said...

... I wouldn't buy any more makeup, but does it count if Hubby got it for me?  
I got my hands on the amazing Urban Decay Naked Vault 2!  I am in love!!!! ❤️

Note:  This is NOT a sponsored post, 
nor are there any affiliate links.  
All items were purchased with my own money 
and all opinions are my own.

It came in the mail with less packaging than I would have liked,
 but knowing Sephora will replace items when broken I got over it.  

Thankfully nothing was broken.

While there wasn't a lot of protection in the box the makeup itself was in a large over sized packaging.  This did do a great job keeping them from breaking.  There was some dusting from a few of the shadows, but this is pretty normal for any pressed powder.

I already own Naked and Naked 2.  Hubby asked if I was going to sell them and of course I laughed.  There is no way I am giving up these two despite having replacements.

Naked (original) on top, Naked 2 on bottom
The Naked 3 and Naked Smoky palettes are new to me.

I have had my eye on this palette since it came out.  
I'm happy to have it now.

Naked 3 on top, Naked Smokey on the bottom
Smoky was not on my list based off of the Ad and printed pictures.  The palette looked too dark for my liking.  However, I really really like it!  While there are dark shadows there is a healthy mix of medium and highlight colors.  It is worth it.

The other two smaller palettes to me were a bonus,
 but for an everyday palette to keep in a travel bag
 or purse they are perfect.  
This is also how I plan to use them. 

What is your favorite urban decay palette?

Barbie Hair Fixes Part 1

Let's jump right on into it.   Every doll hair fix tutorial I could find started with brushing out the dolls hair.  It may look worse...