Friday, January 22, 2016

Friday Blizzard Favorites!

We are bracing for a big snowstorm to hit here in Maryland I'm ready for it!  Excited even.  I plan to maybe go sledding with Bear and watch the pups enjoy the some playtime in the snow.  Since the snow is already coming down so how about a quick Friday Favorites Blizzard style!  Let me add that this is NOT a sponsored post, nor are there any affiliate links.  These are simply items I love.

Great winter boots!  I have Ugg Adirondack boots 2


I love, love, love, love, love these boots.  They are ridiculously comfortable and warm.  I don't choose to wear them with the cuff folded down but that's just me.   They have been worth every penny!

A basic Crockpot.

Who doesn't love warm meals on a snowy day?  I prefer a simple basic crockpot to make some of my favorite soups and stews that I enjoy when it's cold outside.  Some people hate the crockpot but I am not one of them.  You can make healthy delicious meals in them if you put a little bit of effort into it.  Beef Stroganoff is on the menu tonight.  

A pretty Mug

I love a pretty mug and Starbucks lately have had some super cute ones.  I love a hot beverage in a pretty mug especially when it's snowing outside.

A good book


I'm in the middle of this one so I think that I will definitely be able to finish it by the end of this storm.  Have you read this?  There is so much to keep track of!  I even have some quick notes I made on my kindle to remind

Hand warmers.


I prefer reusable ones like above.  In fact, these are the ones I own.  I like the extra help to warm up after some time outside.  Since we have a gas stove we won't have a problem reactivating them if we need to.

Last but not least a Lantern, a storm lantern, and glowsticks.  Basically, a light source.

Call me paranoid or whatever you want you, but you need to be prepared when a blizzard is coming to town.  We are expecting 2 feet of snow in a pretty short period of time.  While I hope I never need these, they are a smart thing to have.  A battery operated camping lantern and some small storm lanterns are good to get us through. Some glowsticks for Bear and we are set!

What are your snow day or blizzard favorites?


Your thoughts?

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