Thursday, January 7, 2016

Faux Christmas Take 2

We had out third and final Christmas celebration over New Years weekend.  This time, it was with my in-laws / Hubby's family.  Overall, it was pretty uneventful considering it was, after all, our third Christmas celebration.  

We got in Thursday night, New Year's Eve, ate dinner and played games.  All the kids went to bed then the adults stayed up playing catchphrase and enjoying some snacks until midnight.  It wasn't soon after that we all crashed.  Bears early morning wake ups don't leave much room for celebrations as 6am rolls around dreadfully early.

Sure enough, the next morning bear woke up early, 5 am early.  Four hours of sleep is not even close to enough for me.  I put him in the bed with us hoping he might snooze for a while, but that never happened.  At 5:30 am I gave up and headed downstairs to let him watch tv while I sipped some coffee.  The rest of the day was spent relaxing, spending time outside in the cool but sunny weather.  Once again we enjoyed a delicious dinner.  My in-laws always have the best food.  The rest of the evening consisted of the boys (hubby and his brothers) drinking in excess, smoking cigars and playing cards against humanity.  Not my cup of tea so I hung out inside watching a movie and chatting  until everyone came inside for bed.  Let's just say it was an interesting evening that lead to zero hangovers.  I'm shocked to say the least.

Once again despite the late bedtime Bear had trouble sleeping and on top of it woke up again early.  Note to self, go to bed earlier when away as Bear doesn't sleep as well.  Regardless, the next morning came and everyone woke up bright and early.  Remember, it was "Christmas" morning.  Once the adults had settled in with coffee all the kids presents were brought into the living room to open.

Bear got some great gifts!  A paw patrol backpack (the ears flap! Super cute!), paw patrol paint book, paw patrol chase mega blok style cruiser, a 6 pin bowling ball set, a Melissa and Doug shape puzzle set, and a water doodle board (think aqua doodle but in a board form).  Bear also received several books.

We got each other one gift each to open there.  Hubby got the "bug a salt rifle" (see pic below) and I got the Le Creuset enameled braiser.  

From family we got rack-o, foodie fight rematch, intercooler and remote (both for the Xbox), Google cardboard viewer, and the LEM switch foot for the grinder.  Not pictured is the wooden salad bowl, thermometer with remote, and chitty chitty bang bang DVD/BluRay. We all very happy with what we got.  

While we enjoyed faux Christmas one and two, we will likely not be doing this again next year.  Three Christmas' was a lot.


  1. I love everything you guys got! That paw patrol backpack is adorable!

  2. Love that Xbox remote! We need one for sure.


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