Tuesday, January 26, 2016

Blizzard Jonas (Jan. 2016)

We got hit pretty hard by the storm, but I loved every minute of it!   It has been years since I have seen any significant type of snowfall.  I was excited when I heard it would be 2-3 feet of snow.  Total we got about 2 1/2 to 3 feet depending where you measure.  The high winds make it hard to get a real measurement because the snow drifts are as high as 5+ feet in some areas.

from the Friday when it started to Sunday morning when it ended

This is the back porch.  I stacked the chairs after it started to make it easier to clean off.  We got a lot of snow!  So much so that we had to go outside all bundled up to have some fun!

Friday evening

It started snowing in our Maryland town at around 2pm.  When there were just a few inches on the ground we took Bear and the pups outside to play.  Coco was in heaven!  She loves snow and seeing her frolic in the snow made Bear laugh his butt off.  Duke on the other hand had to get used to the snow.  He's a bit of a baby when it comes to rain or snow.  We lost track of time and ended up coming inside at almost 8pm!  A late dinner and then we relaxed inside before shoveling prior to bed.

The next morning everything we shoveled the was covered again much like we expected.  This didn't stop us from going outside to work and play. 

Saturday Morning

We tossed the frisbee for the pups and watching them leap through the snow was awesome!  They had a blast!  Bear enjoyed rolling around and tossing snow at the dogs.  It was light fluffy snow so "snowballs" didn't really exist, yet that didn't stop Bear from trying.

Coco is so pretty!!!

After naptime we went back outside for more snow fun.  It started to get deep at this point and Bear found it easier to "belly boggin" (yes, that's a paw patrol reference) or crawl as he barely made a dent into the snow.  Either way he had a blast.  I helped with some more light shoveling while bare ran around on the walkway.  

Saturday Evening

Once I finished everything I was capable of doing we went inside to start dinner.  Bear however, just wanted to stare at Hubby who was outside still shoveling.  All in all we (mainly hubby) shoveled on 6 seperate occasion in total.  It did make the work easier for the most part.

The last time shoveling was obviously the easiest of the bunch for the simple fact that wind has died down and there wasn't new snow falling on what you just did.  In fact the last time I helped shovel the driveway by the time I reached the end there was another 2 inches of snow where I started. Oh well that's what happens when shovel mid storm.

Sunday morning after shoveling

I cleaned these steps more times than I would have liked

For the Pups

One of the smart things we did was put an old sheet down because the dogs don't like going on snow.  We had to shovel it a bit, but it worked well.  Hubby also shoveled a path for the pups so when letting them out quickly.  They don't have to dry off in the crate afterwards.  I'll deal with just wiping their paws since it's better for everyone.

Overall, I am thankful we did not lose power like many people expected us to.  We had an wonderful time playing in the snow and will continue to until it's all gone.  It also helps that it tires everyone out.  

On a side note, I wish they made maternity snow pants!  I bought a brand new pair for Columbia snow pants in the fall, but with my preggo belly they couldn't be snapped / zippered closed.  I managed to put a D ring belt on and use the belly and to keep them up while outside.  It worked, but it wasn't pretty.  I can only imagine how my Alaska Girls or others in heavy winter locations handled this!  


  1. Oh man! I have never seen that much snow. I don't know what I would do but it looks like you guys all had fun!

    1. It was a lot of snow but it's disappearing quickly.

  2. aah, that snow gives me anxiety! lol

    1. I'm embracing the craziness that the snow brings!


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