Monday, January 11, 2016

20 Questions about me

This was one that I saw floating around once again and decided to give it a whirl!  

1.  Favorite Food

Southern Italian and French food are top of my list always!

2.  Flip Flops or High Heels

I love a super cute pair of heels but I tend to be wearing flip flops most often lately.

3.  Favorite Place to Shop for Yourself

I don't know that I have one place that I get my clothes from.  If it fits and looks good then I buy it!

4.  Standard Coffee Order

Coffee, Black and whatever is strongest.

5.  Road-Trip Must-Have Snack

Anything homemade and beef jerky.  Although that is normally homemade too.

6.  DIY or Hire Out

I'm a DIY person but I know my limits.  I'm totally good with yielding to an expert.  

7.  Top 5 TV Shows

Hmmm... in no particular order; iZombie, Grimm, The Big Bang Theory, Master Chef, NCIS

8.  Favorite Book

Do cookbooks count?  If so then, anything Rachel Khoo.  If not then, how about "the Help."

9.  Favorite form of Exercise

It's a toss up between running and yoga.

10.  Favorite Piece of Jewelry

My wedding ring and engagement band.  I can count them all as one thing since the jeweler put them together.

11.  Do you try something new at a restaurant or stick with your favorites

I stick with my favorites.  Why mess with perfection?

12.  name one makeup item you can't live without

Laura Mercier secret camouflage is best ever concealer

13.  What's on your nightstand?

I have too many things on my nightstand to recant everything but a few books, my cell phone, the baby monitor and a lamp to name a few.

14.  What's one thing motherhood has taught you

Nothing lasts forever.  Be it morning sickness during pregnancy, a bad day or a temper tantrum.  It's not going to last forever despite how it feels at that moment.

15.  Music that reminds you of high school
anything by Rob Thomas or Britney Spear (when she first came out)

16.  If you could live anywhere in the world besides your current city, where would you live?

I'd love to live in England for a while.  I think that could be fun.

17.  Tell us something about you, we may not know
I'm in no way technically inclined.  I'm horrible with computers which is why I use a basic netbook.  Even that throws me for loops sometimes.

18.  website you browse or read (besides blogs)

Fox News is likely the most read site.

19.  Favorite outfit
Jeans and a tee shirt

20.  Dream vacation 
I would love to go back to Australia and New Zealand with the family.  It was beautiful and had so much fun! 

let me know if you join in as I'd like see your answers to these.


  1. I have never had a lot of experience with French food but I would love to try more.

    1. Rachel Khoo is a great chef who makes french cooking super easy. Her tag line is "french cooking the way Parisians do at home." I love her and her food. So delicious.

  2. How do you feel about Michael Weatherly leaving NCIS?! I'm thinking my days of watching NCIS are basically over. Oh and I love the sticking with perfection line when it comes to food. I am totally the same way!

    1. It is killing me that he is leaving the show! He's an original cast member and I hate to see those go. I was fine with Kate leaving as i don't think she ever really fit in. I was pretty upset when Ziva left and I'm just started to get used to Ellie Bishop joining. Now Tony leaving to me is just too much change for the show in my opinion. I don't know that he has come out with a reason why but to me it's like why leave steady work on great show. Sadly, I think the shows days are numbered. They will have to go the complete opposite of Tony, like they did with Ziva/Bishop, to have a fighting chance. I don't want a fake tony type character cast but it is a character type that rounds out the cast. I'll keep watching until the end but like I said I don't see it making it more than a season or two more without a great fit to the team. I wouldn't mind seeing Marty Deeks (NCIS LA) guest spot in the mean time.

  3. I would love to go Australia too

    1. I spent some time there for grad school and would love to go back and bring Hubby. He is incredibly jealous that I went diving in the great barrier reef and didn't like it as much as I should have. Which if you ever get there, Avoid Jelly season.


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