Monday, December 21, 2015

The Nutcracker Ballet

We took a trip down to Virginia to visit family, watch the Army Navy Game and take in a show.  Sunday afternoon we left Bear with his Grandparents and headed over to then Carpenter Theatre to see The Nutcracker Ballet.  It's my first time seeing a major production ballet.  I've see smaller shows from the NYC ballet but never anything with a story I knew.

I love a pretty ceiling.

There had to be some type of merchandise and I was not let down.  
We browsed the tables and found what we wanted that wasn't covered in glitter.

We had great seats!  

Left side of the stage

Right side of the stage

Obviously, pictures are not allowed during the performance but here is the stage during intermission.

The show was AMAZING!!!! I loved every minute of it. 
I highly recommend going to see this if you are ever in the area.  

Last but not least I'll share what we picked up.  
My main goal was to avoid glitter.  
This greatly limited what we could get because of that.  
Despite my restriction I love the one we got. 

We also picked up an ornament, again with the no glitter restriction.  
The ornaments were a bit easier because there was a bigger variety to choose from.  
There were three that I liked but this one won out.

I would love to come back and see this again in years to come!  
Have you all seen this?


  1. I love the ornament you chose! I am dying to see this ballet again.

  2. Oh I would love to see this some day! It seems amazing!


Your thoughts?

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