Wednesday, December 30, 2015

Scarf Storage

I am an organized person.  I love things just so and when they aren't it drives me nuts!  One area that has been driving me nuts was my scarf storage.  I searched high and low and couldn't find a solution I loved.  Then I searched Pinterest. It had to give me some ideas. I wanted to see the scarves, and easily accessible.  I wanted something compact but yet didn't wrinkle the scarves.  

I saw plenty that knotted the scarves in shoe racks or used shower curtain hangers.  
These just wouldn't do. 
Then I found this...

The lady behind Iheartorganization hung up her fabric on pant hangers.  I could honestly kick myself for not thinking of this earlier!

I grabbed a few pant hangers and got to work.  

My winter scarves lay better when I put one per bar.

The same goes for my expensive or fancy scarves.

Up last are my fashion scarves.  They take up a lot of space so I fold them to fit three is a row.  As you can see one is missing from a row but I can still see everything without it being overwhelming.

For the longest time, my scarves were thrown into a drawer haphazardly.  When I wanted to wear on I would dig through to find the one I wanted, cram the remaining ones back into the drawer and close it hoping I didn't ruin any scarves. Thankfully, I have not ruined a scarf since!  

How do you organize or store your scarves?


  1. I need to get better about organizing my scarves, they are everywhere in my closet haha.


Your thoughts?

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