Thursday, December 10, 2015

Hubby's Christmas List

Hubby gave me his list and I thought it would be nice to share it with all of you.  Maybe you can get some ideas for your spouse or family members.

If you couldn't tell, we like cookbooks.  Why we don't have Alton Brown's Good Eats is beyond me but it is good that they are in his list.  He also asked for Bobby Flay's Brunch book

We picked this LEM Stainless Steel Big Bite Grinder (#8 .35HP) much earlier this year.  It's part of his birthday present / Christmas present.  He had some ideas in mind of accessories he would like for it thought.  They make gift ideas for family as they range in the $30 dollar or so range.

The accessories he was looking into are a food grade bin, draining bin, bin lid, food press, cover, sausage funnels, and various jerky cures.  All things his family would have no trouble finding.
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Source, Source, Source, Source

When all else fails, I turn to cigars and alcohol.  I don't know too many guys that wouldn't like a nice bottle of wine or liquor.   Another easy idea is to toss in a cigar sampler of Hubby's favorite brand.  Hubby had also requested a large travel humidor, with the humidity stick and solution for it.  

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Some years the list is plentiful, like this year, and others are scarce.  This year I was stumped for gifts as I try to get hubby out of his 20 year old clothing and into something from this century.  However, with the mass sales we have been finding his clothing has been completely overhauled.  Leaving nothing for me to get him clothes wise.

What are you getting your significant other?


  1. I love this Christmas list, lots of good items!

    1. He is so hard to shop for but he did give out a pretty good list this year.

  2. Awe man, those AB books would be amazing!

    1. My Brother in Law has them and loves them so I knew Hubby would love them as well. I'll admit I'm excited for them as well.


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