Thursday, December 17, 2015

Faux Christmas Take 1

This year we decided we wanted to do Christmas just the family.  No one else allowed.  This meant that we would do Faux Christmas with both my In-law and my family.  So three Christmas, in three different states, in one month.  It means a lot of driving and a lot of planning.  However, I think we are pulling it off so far.

First up was Faux Christmas Number one, a trip to New York over my Birthday weekend.  Two birds, one stone so speak.  To start my Dad doesn't do anything half- way.  The house was dripping in Christmas decorations.  My favorite of which is the Nutcracker collection he has.

This one is my favorite!

The aviator dude is a close second.

All of these neat decorations are tied together with this massive ten foot plus tree in the corner of the living room. 

Honestly, He does a great job decorating it. Everything just so with a great mix of old and new.  I can only imagine the time it took for him to put it all together.

Trips to New York are always laid back and easy.  Just what you want when it's the first of three Christmas celebrations you are going to have.  We got in the evening, watched Mickey's Once Upon a Christmas then everyone headed to bed.

The next morning we woke up to a thin layer of ice on the pool cover.  It started to feel a bit more like Christmas to me with the cold weather.  If only there had been snow it would have been even better.

The morning was spent drinking mass amounts of coffee, chatting and watching cars for the umpteenth time.  Bear was content and happy which meant so were we. 

Our tree at home was pretty boring compared to the colorful lights and neat ornaments my Dad has on his tree.  This obviously was one of Bear's favorites.

Later that day, the family started to funnel in.  My sister in law and her two kids came over and a little while later my uncle and his girlfriend came over as well.  My dad may a tray of Eggplant parm with salad for dinner.  It was a delicious treat.  When everyone was done eating out came the gifts.

Bear got some Chuggington Trains and a Little people Castle.  The Castle was a huge hit for all the kids. Each playing with it in their own way yet all still playing together. 

 My Niece got some shopkins and Aladdin and Jasmine Dolls.

My nephew got some Thomas Trains, some Cars cars, and some DVDs.   The only hiccup was that some of my nephews gifts arrived later than expected.  I had to mail them off to him, but I don't think he even noticed.

Once everyone left we had Bear open up his gifts from my Dad.  My Niece and Nephew would see my Dad closer to Christmas so they could open their stuff at a later date.  He got two monster gifts from him yet my favorite thing about it was it was Bear's realization that the gift might be more exciting than the fun of ripping the paper.  

He lit up when he saw the train track underneath.

Please forgive the blurry iphone pics.
I tried to snap a few pics but not be behind the camera the whole time.

Bear was also super excited to see the hot wheels garage and extra cars.

My dad spoils him.  Then again that's a grandparents job.  

All in all a successful trip and faux Christmas.  Short but great.  Now time to prep for the next two. 

Coco resting before the trip home. 


  1. I absolutely love the idea of a Faux Christmas, such a fun way to celebrate Christmas with family. :)

    1. It really is an awesome thing so there is less stress to see people on Christmas day and you still get to celebrate.

  2. What do you all do to help Bear handle the road trips? I feel like I hit the sweet spot of travel from Japan then from VA as far as flying, but I'm nervous about our summer drive from CA to ND!

    1. hmm... Great question! I've been planning to write about this as you are not the only one who has asked me this. It should be up this week!


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