Tuesday, December 15, 2015

Family Christmas List

We give a list of ideas to family for us for Christmas.  This year that list is rather random.


After watching "Master Chef" and "Master Chef: Junior" we have a whole new respect for Gordon Ramsay.  Hence we are interesting in these cookbooks.  


Kitchen Items...

Some small kitchen items we have been needing are seen below.  Nylon coated tongs, strainer, hot/cold pack, Silicone Baking Mats of various sizes and spiralizer will would be useful in our kitchen.  

We currently have two dolsot bowls and we would like two more.  Then there is a bread basket since we don't own any.  I want to toss my old sheet pans, well really pass them along, and these look pretty good.  I also need some pans I can use in the toaster oven.  
Dolsot bowls, Source

New Card Games...

We moose farkel, Sleeping Queen, Scopa, and Phase 10 are some things we are interested in trying.  Well phase ten we have had and am just looking to replace it.   

New Board Games...

We like to invest in board games.  To us it means time with family.  These have all been on our list for some time.  There is Ticket to Ride, Cranium booster box, Rummikubs, and The Big Bang Trivia Game all seem like games we could enjoy.  

What's on your list this year?


  1. Yes to the cookbooks, I want those haha!

    1. I really do too! I'm obsessed with Master chef and Master chef Junior.


Your thoughts?

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