Tuesday, December 22, 2015

Currently (December 2015)

It is almost the end of the month and this is what I am currently up to...

Waiting - for snow! While I love the fall, I'm still super excited for that first snowfall of the season.  We even went out and bought shovels.  This will still be some time off.

Cooking - soups and stews!  Who doesn't love a warm bowl of stew with some crusty bread on the cold fall day?

Baking - cookies!  I'm trying out some new Christmas cookie recipes and I like to make sure I work out all the kinks before I serve them to the family.

Sewing - drawstring bags to cover odd shaped Christmas toys!  These might be used next year, but I still want to make them this year.  I managed to found a box for the one odd-shaped item we had to wrap.

Buying - last minute cards because they slipped my mind this year.

Feeling - Grateful for my small family this time of year!

Watching - Christmas Movies!  Bring on White Christmas, the Grich who stole Christmas, Christmas Vacation, miracle on 34th street, and possibly Die Hard for a bit of a non-traditional Christmas movie.  

Wearing - Plaid Prints!  I have Far too many of them, but they are so comfy.  I have worn them with skinny jeans tucked in with booties or with my boot cut jeans and sneakers.  All depends on where I am going and what I'm doing.

Packing - multiple times!  It feels like I'm packing every week cause we are busy going somewhere!  I also feel like I have gotten a handle on this over packing thing.  Just what I need is going with me!

Bookmarking - Recipes!  It's the time of year when I try a lot of new recipes over a short period of time.  Typically, I like to try one or two new cookies and, at least, two new appetizer recipes.  We seem to always find a need for these types of recipes as we do snack plate dinner or attend several parties/functions over the month of December.

Enjoying - Watching Bear understand a bit more of whats's going on around him this time of year.  He opened presents on his own at faux Christmas number one and when he saw what was inside the wrapping paper his excitement was infectious!

What are you up to currently?


Your thoughts?

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