Sunday, December 27, 2015

Christmas Recap

I'll keep this short and sweet cause basically, I'm just sharing the stuff we got and what we did for Christmas... Take 2!  Who loves seeing what everybody got for Christmas?  I know I do!

Stocking from left to right: Bear, Hubby, Me, and the Pups.

First off we spent a low key day at home mostly in PJ's.  We started off like every other Christmas and opened up stockings first thing in the morning.  Hence, they will be the first pictures shown.  Afterward, we had delicious pancakes.

When we all finished eating we hit the first (second really) wave of gifts.  I took some pics, but I really enjoyed watching him rip the paper off to discover the toy itself.  It's the first year he actually got the concept.  He would hand you the toy to open without freaking out about.  It really was something!  

We were going to give him about an hour or two in between until he started to get antsy, but he made that decision early.  About 30 minutes after the end of the first half of gifts, I turn to see what was going on as I heard paper ripping.  He had opened up one gift, a Chuggington train.  Bear somehow managed to remove it from the packaging and had started in on another gift.  We figured it was time for the last round of gifts.  He tore into it all.  This batch was mainly Chuggington trains and train accessories.   When all his gifts were done he went for ours.  Something we may need to watch for (faux) Christmas take 3 next week.

The rest of the day was spent eating, watching movies, gaming and playing cars/trains with Bear.  All in all a great Christmas in the books!

Now on to the good stuff, what we got!

Starting things off with Hubby...

*not pictured was his Bow case and Xbox games.  

Moving on to what Bear got...

I think the small CAT truck are my favorite gift he got.

Bear opened his gifts in waves and obviously there was no way of him letting me take a decent pic of his stuff so here are some pics of the piles of toys he got.

His favorite, I think, was the large die-cast Lightening McQueen.

Now that he is getting into hot wheels / matchbox cars he needs storage.

This is a Chuggington house, no Thomas allowed.  

I love this case, but it appears I didn't count too well when I bought trains, 
as he is 2 trains over.  I guess we need to pick up another one.  

More track, like he needs it.

Some more animals for his little people farm.

Since we don't have cable anymore, Bear will likely be getting more
and more DVDs especially of shows that aren't on Netflix.

Then finally, what I got...

New Howard Leight ear protection for the range.

Scarves, workout clothes (short and tank tops), 
obnoxiously bright colored socks, and some fashion necklaces.

This bathing suit I have been searching for since 
I found it on Pinterest 2 years ago!  Now I own it.

Rachel Khoo and the Pioneer Woman will be added to the shelf and my menu.

Bonus:  What the dogs got....  I couldn't leave them out!  Despite the lack of pictures of their stuff, the pups got new bones, a new stick chew toy, some chuck it balls, and two new chuck it!  Though the chuck its are really for us.

We have one more Christmas coming up, faux Christmas number 2 with my in-laws.  We are doing that over New Years and into the new year.  Hubby has a surprise gift for me there and he isn't giving me any hints.  I hate surprises so this is clearly driving me nuts.  Stay tuned for more....

What did you all get?

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