Thursday, December 24, 2015

Christmas Eve Box

This will be the second year we are doing a Christmas Eve Box.  It's something fun we can unwrap in the evening with some goodies for everyone to enjoy.

This year I added two of these small gingerbread house kits for us to make.  I would think of making these from scratch, but I just don't have the time this year to do that.

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Winter or Christmas themed movies will always make it into this box.  I try to keep at least one age-appropriate for Bear, but I do want to play into what he likes.  He likes Curious George and the Leap Frog episodes on Netflix, so when I saw these for super cheap it was a no brainer.

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Movies need popcorn.  Homemade popcorn is even more delicious when put in cute holders accompanied with some seasonings.  I also plan to add some grinch cookies into the red box to save specifically for this night.

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The biggest items in this box are pajamas.  Every year we get a set for Bear but this year we decided to splurge on sets for us as well.  I'm really glad we did as they will be comfy!

I also like to include a new winter or Christmas themed book.  Bear loves reading as you all know so this is just an extra excuse to give him a new book aside from the one we always read every Christmas.

Do you have Christmas Eve Box or something similar to that?

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