Saturday, December 12, 2015

Bears Christmas List

This Christmas we want to get away from the trucks, train, and cars that Bear typically gets.  We enjoy cooking and Bear like to pretend to help

We are first picking up the Latt table for him.  I have been looking for something similar, but this just seems to be the best quality for the cheapest price from what I can find. 

This year from us Bear will be mostly getting trains and train stuff.  We are picking up these trains for him.  He loves Chuggington and so obviously these were an obvious gift.  


I like I said already, we have a main set we bought a while ago, but the track is missing a few pieces so we picked up these expansion sets to supplement them.  



Additionally we though he could use some fun track pieces.  We picked up a some track end pieces, a tunnel, and what they called crazy track.  This track piece makes a clicking sound which I thought was kind of neat.

Source, Source, Source

The last train related item we picked up was a travel train case.  I got this incredibly cheap and hope to modify it slightly to allow him to put track into here with ease.


Since we got rid of TV we let Bear watch DVDs on occasion.  He needs some new ones because the old ones are a bit played out for everyone.  Hopefully, some new ones will do the trick.

Source, Source, Source, Source

Source, Source, Source, Source
We noticed that Bear doesn't own any real block.  We need to correct this!

We have held off on Play-Doh because Bear used to put everything in his mouth.  Since he doesn't do that much anymore I feel like he can handle it now.

Along with all of these pretend play items let's add Mr. Potato Head to the mix. Either one of these I think Bear will like.
Books are always a good option for Bear.  No idea list for him would be complete without some.
Source, Source, Source, Source

What are you getting your kids for Christmas?


  1. I love the table, I think that is such a great idea for him!

    1. I'm going to add a piece of acrylic to the top and put some padding/fabric on the chairs. Since it's only $25 to start I have some room to do things to it.


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