Thursday, December 3, 2015

BBC Baking Show

I have been Netflixing British shows lately, specifically this one.  I binge watch with a spot of tea and whatever dessert I have on hand.  Lately, this has been the cookie rejects.  You know the over cooked or ugly looking ones I won't send into work with hubby.

There are some obvious difference between American and British Cooking challenges.  This show seems to highlight them quite a bit.  To start, each episode, the bakers will have 3 separate bake-offs or mini challenges.  Two of these they know a week in advance.  They have time each week to practice them whenever they can prior to filming the episode on the weekends.  So not only do they know 2/3 of the challenge but they also aren't isolated during the several month shoot.  I love this more than you know, but lets move on.

The room is in a tent in a garden but then still have an excellent work space.

Another notable difference from American cooking challenges, they don't all have a sob story.  You know sally grew up in a poor neighborhood and was addicted to drugs but overcame her addiction and poverty by backing.  No offense to Sally but I could care less what got you here show me the dang baking challenges! That said, I love that they don't focus on the back stories, especially sob stories.  It's more person X works here and bakes when they have free time.  Person C is __Years old and loves baking bread and cookies for their 6 grandchildren.   Simple and to the point.  I love it!

The judges are an interesting pair, but they balance each other out very well.  The hosts on the other hand.  I could do with just one.  No real need for two of them.

Baking in all forms is covered on the show.  Everything from biscuits and crackers to cakes and rolls.
Everything looked stunning!

Do you just want to bite into these?

I very much like the recipe book style explanation of what the bakers were making.  It gave me a visual to look for and see where they were headed sometimes.

The age range in this show is huge.  This is Martha the youngest at 18.   The oldest I believe was in their 50's.  Regardless of age they all were great bakers before coming on the show.

I talked about the differences from American and British cooking Challenges and Luis's roll cake showed another perfect example.  Luis's Spanish swiss roll called for honey.  Not just any honey but honey from his own beehive.  This would never be allowed in any cooking show in the States, but I love that they are able to do this.  Everything is about having an even playing field with equal ingredients.  However, since they all had time to practice 2 out of the 3 challenges why not allow specialty ingredients.

They even did a quick little talk about his bees and harvesting the honey for the show.

This is the blind judge for the one unknown challenge they have each episode. 

Much like the use of home ingredients, contestants can bring home tools to help them out in challenges.  Again only in the two challenges they are told about before the days events.   This contestant had her husband help her make precise cuts with what she called a guillotine. 

In the challenge, contestants need to make identical mini cakes and this helped here get the layers of every cake perfectly even. The judges thought it was pretty neat and so do I!

It helped her with the mini cakes challenge.  

The judges talk about their decisions with the hosts.

Then came my favorite challenge visually.... Gingerbread or similar cookie scene.  It had to be somewhat 3D and include icing work.  These look beautiful and delicious!

I hope they come out with season 2 soon.  Have you seen this show?


  1. I love any kind of baking show! They are the best.

    1. Me too! I especially love this one. I can't wait for the next season to come out.


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