Wednesday, November 11, 2015

The Zoo Take 2

We decided to take a rainy and humid day 
was a marvelous day to head to the Maryland Zoo.

We started at the penguin house like always
 before moving on the to polar bear exhibit.

I loved that they had signs like this one all around 
so you aren't standing there looking for an animal that isn't there.

Coincidentally, we went on Polar Bear day which turned out to be a good thing. 

All throughout the Polar Bear exhibit there were stations to get a paper punched.  If you got all the punches then you got a prize. 

This is the Polar Bears enclosure.

They want to raise awareness for reducing our carbon footprint.

Upon completing your punches, you had your choice of their polar bear paw prints.  They did the male polar bears' print in a teal color and the females in a pink/purple color.  
We encouraged Bear to pick the pink print as it looked more like an actual paw print.

We ended up back at the penguin house.  One of Bear's favorite places.

This waterfall over the glass was very pretty.

We pulled Bear out of the penguin house and off to see the rest of the zoo.

Bear has to look through the holes in the fencing to see the animals.

It's sort of funny to watch.

We got to see the lion out for the first time.

This is Bear's second favorite place at the zoo.  He loves the elephants.  
There is non-stop chatter when we get to there. 

He loves them so much.  I am sure they appreciate his toddler yelling.

Last up was seeing Pumba before heading back to the penguin house for one last look.
All in all a great day for us.


Your thoughts?

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