Tuesday, November 10, 2015


Life lately has been all over the place.  So here is random update.

Bear started acting like a teenager.  
Thankfully, he is still napping.

Friday nights turned into watching Chuggington and eating homemade popcorn.
Although it's not as bad as one would think.

I apparently have been losing badly at Phase 10.

Bear almost every morning.  He wakes up like me.  Slowly, extremely slowly.

Green soup is heaven.  Perfect on a cold day.

Obviously much more cooking is going on in the Fall as I love 
all things soups, stews, and crockpot friendly this time of year. 
The crockpot chicken wings were just ok.

I needed to try out my Cannoli Ball (think Cheese Ball but for dessert)
to work out all the kinks before the holidays arrive.  
I found a flaw and had to make and eat 2 more batches.

In an effort to get Bear to eat more foods, we will let him try almost anything we eat.
Turns out he loves these.

For our 5 year Anniversary, we made a seafood soup.  It was delicious!
I may need to make it again and write about it. It's that good.

We tried a new game.  It's not a bad game, but you have to have 
the chart handy so you know what to do.  There are too many to remember off hand.  
This also would be better with more than 2 people.

Last but not least, we watched Batman.  
I reverted back to my youth watching this one again.

What have you all been up to lately?


  1. You can never ever go wrong with watching Batman!

  2. Ooh, what's in the soup? It looks amazing!


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