Tuesday, November 3, 2015

Mess-Free Colors Exploration

Sometimes I want to keep Bears' activities mess free and simple!  Only this means some planning.  Fall well underway and so let's explore fall colors!  I'm talking red and yellow.  Specifically what happens when you mix them together.  

To keep this mess free I poured a bit of red paint and yellow paint into a ziplock bag.  I made sure it was sealed well.  Then I folded over the seam and used painters tape to keep it on the table.  

Bear kept trying to pick up the bag so I added more tape on all sides.  

I then encouraged him to play with the colors.  Once he figured out he could mash the colors, he started giggling.

You can see the orange starting to form.  For older children, you can mention primary colors and secondary colors.  Red + Yellow = Orange.  For Bear, I just talked about the three colors.  I also showed him a few of his trains that matched the colors he was making/using.

An additional activity you can do with your child is to "write" in the paint with your fingertip.  

Later on in the day, I had Bear make shapes in the paint, but you could easily work on letters or words with older children.

Since the paint is already in a sealed bag I'm saving it for another activity to work on with Bear at a later date (come back for that!).  No sense is wasting the art supplies.  

What mess-free activities do you like to do?


Your thoughts?

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