Thursday, November 12, 2015

Home Tour: Bears' Bedroom

Today we are continuing on with our home tour we move on the Bears' Bedroom.  This is not the fancy catalog style bedrooms that seem to fill the Internet.  This is a bare bones basic room, just what's needed and little else.  I'm just fine with that since all he does is sleep in this room.

I need to clean out the corner next to his reading chair.  I also need to even out the curtains but whatever this room is what it is; a room for sleeping.

Wall art we made for his nursery carries over into here.

Another look at his reading nook.  I added some puzzles to keep him entertained.  

A sampling of books...

His nightstand with diaper storage on top next to his dresser.  

Closer look at diaper storage.

His crib which he still sleeps in.  Yes, at 2 he is still in a crib.  Until he tries to climb out or it breaks he will remain there for the time being.


Your thoughts?

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