Friday, November 20, 2015

Handprint Turkey

... Times 2

Subject: Art, Pre-Math, Colors
Time: 1-3 sessions with drying time but it could be done in much less time.

construction paper (red and yellow can be small scraps)
Paint or finger paint (yellow, red, orange, green, brown and/or purple)
Google eyes
Scissors or possibly kid scissors
Paint brush or sponge brush

This project, like most, became a multi-day project for us.  The end product made the time worth it to me.  We even made an extra one to send to Grandma.

I started by drawing two circles onto the brown paper then cut them out....  One larger (turkey body) and one smaller (turkey head).  If you have an older child they can cut out the circles.  I also cut out a triangle for the beak and a red worm-like piece for the turkey beard.  Again your child could do this if capable.

I took this time to help Bear put glue on each piece and build the face.  This was put aside for now.

Next we turned to making the hand prints.  Lesson learned; take the large brown circle and place it on the paper near the bottom of the page give more room for the feathers.  Very lightly trace, or better yet mark some spots, around the circle.   It will give you some idea on where to focus the palm of the hand when making the feathers.  This was the main problem the first time around but, you live and you learn.
We started with yellow and made a print on each paper. (Remember we are making 2 of these). I plan to overlap the handprints so I left space for the next day's prints.  It also kept colors from bleeding into each other.

I painted his hands and then helped him put it on the paper.  One at a time with each color.  We stuck with one color and did both so as cut down on the cleaning between paint colors.

We didn't have any more time so this was a great stopping point.  They dried nicely overnight.

The next day we did the remaining handprints then once again let them dry.

Later that afternoon when they had dried, I helped Bear put glue into the large Circle(s) and placed them onto the paper.  I wanted to cover up about half of the Palm.  I did the same with the turkey head we made on day one.  With this, I just wanted to make sure the face was right side up and overlapping some of the body.  

Once it was dry we shipped one off to grandma and hung the other up on the fridge.  It will go in his baby book later.  We did add eyes before mailing I just forgot to take pictures of it.  


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