Sunday, November 1, 2015

Halloween Recap

Halloween was very laid back for us.  We quickly went out early with Bear to go to few houses in our neighborhood.  I do this mainly for the pictures.  Frankly, he could care less especially since he doesn't get to keep the candy.  Don't feel too bad for him.  He got cannoli dip on some nilla wafers and cookies sent from Grandma when we got home.

Here are some pics from when he went Trick -or Treating.  His language is limited, but he did say "Rawr" (he's a dinosaur), "boo" and "thank you" to the adults passing out candy.  I'm proud he said anything at all let alone something remotely appropriate.

Much to our surprise everyone, Teenagers to toddlers, all enjoyed our non-candy Halloween treats!

How did your Halloween go?


Your thoughts?

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