Thursday, October 29, 2015

"Kids want candy!"

This year we made the decision to pass on the candy.  When I told my dad this he simply stated that "Kids want candy!"  I agree, but I'm still not handing out candy.  I'm NOT trying to make some big statement in doing this.  I'm also not concerned about kids with food allergies.  Similarly, I'm not concerned with childhood obesity.  I'm doing this for my family.

Every year we do the same thing.  Pick up 2-3 bags of candy for trick-or-treaters.  9 times out of 10 we buy way more candy than we need.  Sometimes we end up buying candy twice because we all over indulge because we don't keep that sort of stuff in the house normally.  We lack the self-control so we don't buy it.  If it's not there you can't eat it.  We have tried for years and failed so why set ourselves up for failure when both (hubby and I) have found our groove with eating right.  We also heavily limit Bears intake of sweets.  Additionally, we almost never get the foot traffic that we expect to get.  We live is a pretty big development but, it seems that the kids go elsewhere. Meaning we get stuck with candy intended for someone else to eat.  We have in the past sent the candy off to various deployed units(or friends).  We likely will do this with whatever few houses we hit ups this year.

This year for the people that come to our house they won't get candy.  Sorry kids. Not this year.  This year we picked up some sets of Halloween trinkets to give out.   For us its the simplest solution.  This way we have no candy to binge on, and leftovers can be stored until next year.

I would say these are better than the pencils and 
erasers I was thinking of giving out.

Everything was from Target and each set cost $3 for 24 items

Last year we added some spider rings along with the candy.
These were leftovers from last years Halloween.

Hubby picked out these witch fingers.  
Probably not my first choice but they work.

I picked out these fangs.

Hubby picked our glow in the dark spiders.

Last but not least I picked out bubble wands.  
One of these bags may have been saved in reserve 
for Bears exclusive use if we don't need them.

All in all, we got 11 bags of items costing us $33(plus tax) for a grand total of 264 trinkets.  This is not  including the spider rings from last year.  Honestly, I think we even pay less for this stuff than we do for the actual candy.  Hopefully, the younger kids really enjoy it and the older kids don't egg our house.

So candy.  Yay or Nay?


  1. This is such a great alternative to candy!

    1. There was a nice mix of things at Target.


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