Monday, October 26, 2015

using some pins

If you aren't using your pins then why bother pinning them!  Here are some pins I have been using.


Who doesn't love a yummy one pot meal?  We had to make a pretty big substitution.  We swapped out the spaghetti for vegetable penne which altered the cooking time.  However, you use what you have on hand!  It was delicious and a good one to keep in mind if we have leftover mushrooms and or zucchini.


We tend to do more snacking in this house than I care to share.  In cleaning up our eating we needed some alternatives to the junk food.  This worked perfectly!  I highly recommend this recipe!!!!


I mentioned we are cleaning up our eating and part of that is eating more seasonally fresh foods.  A reminder chart is always helpful to look at before and during meal planning.


The more I get into yoga the more I love it.  This has helped me try some new poses over the past two weeks.  Some were easier than others.

What have you been pinning and using lately?


  1. I need to get better about looking at pins, I have several but never do anything haha.

    1. I noticed that I kept pinning and pinning but never really using them so I made a point with 101 in 1001 to actually use them.


Your thoughts?

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