Friday, October 23, 2015

Tot school fail

Not everything is coming up roses when it comes to tot school.  
Every now and then a lesson plan or activity goes belly up. 
This is one of those times.  
Bear and I were playing with sidewalk chalk outside when it seemed like the perfect time to add in some learning along with the fun.  

I let him just have some fun and scribble as he saw fit.

After a little bit, I decided to draw the outline of a circle, triangle, and square on the ground.
The intent was to get him to trace the shapes a few times then attempt to fill them in with whatever color he wanted.  

I got one hand over hand tracing of the square before Bear ran off to play with the pups.

He sat there with the dogs while trying to make chalk marks on the grass.

He does love those pups so the formal learning can be tossed aside for some serious cuteness. 


Your thoughts?

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