Monday, October 5, 2015

The Halloween Bag

Halloween is quickly approaching.  Decorations are being hung and costumes are being picked out.  Among all the hoopla, Hubby and I started talking about different aspects of our experiences Trick or Treating.  One of the things I found interesting were that we both used the plastic pumpkins as little kids but moved up to pillowcases the older we got.  I know many people that still do that now.

However, I don't love the whole Pillow case candy bag.  I searched and searched for an alternative that was cute yet still held a lot of treats.  That's when it occurred to me that Bear could just use one of our reusable bags instead of the pillowcase.  Hubby wasn't sold on the idea.  That is until I showed him these...

Functional, sturdy, and above all super cute!  They won him over.  I think since he knew the quality of the bags he was on board with these Halloween ones.

I picked up several bags.  One ghost and one pumpkin bag for Bear.  Several more will be going to family.  That leaves one pumpkin bags unaccounted for.  This last pumpkin bag could very well be going to one of you!  That's right I am hosting a giveaway on this here blog!  To enter see details below.  While it should not have to be said, sadly it does, this is NOT a sponsored giveaway!  I purchased this with my own money and will ship it out on my own dime as well.  This is simply a product I like and think needs some recognition.

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  1. I loved making my costume with my mom. Homemade always makes me happy.

    1. I love this! I always wanted homemade costumes!

  2. I always used a pillowcase, more chance of getting a lot of candy haha.


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