Tuesday, October 27, 2015

That time my kid looked like a hobo...

Also known as our latest trip to New York.

Like normal, I spent the day before packing.  What you can't see or really hear is two crying pups and a tantrum throwing, bawling child because I refused to let any of them eat the dog food.  Toddlers are weird. 

Thankfully playing with the dog food bowls and holders stopped the theatrics.

once packed I load the car.  When hubby gets off of work we all head up to my father's house.

He has some beautiful flowers still growing on his porch.

The pups snuggling together in the morning for warmth.

Bear spent part of his morning and most of the afternoon playing on the screened in porch.
He was bundled up but well be we didn't think it would feel as cold as it did.
Louisiana has changed up for sure.

He really did look like a hobo.
or that kid who wore only hand-me-downs.

For dinner, my dad butchered this ham on the bone.  

One last pic before we leave!  Next time this place will likely be covered in snow.
I can hope, right?

I hate to say goodbye.  In the fall, I miss NY greatly!


Your thoughts?

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