Friday, October 2, 2015

Splurge for Crochet

I have gotten by with very little in the way of crocheting.  Really, you don't need much of anything to crochet, but some things are nice to have.

Like a yarn caddy... A pretty folding yarn cuddy like this one.  


I also wouldn't mind picking up a matching hook holder for my miscellaneous hooks. 


I like to crochet when I have time to kill.  One of those times is when we are in the car on road trips.  It gives me something do when I'm not driving or caring for Bear.  Relaxing clearly isn't something I can do.  Typically, I just shove my current project into whatever bag works best but then the yarn gets messed up and tangled.  Not fun! 


This is something I would love to have, but I don't think I will be getting them anytime soon.  These are clover amour hook sets.  A girl can dream, though, right?




I also wouldn't mind picking up one or two of the hooks I use all the time with the light in it.  They seem like they could be useful.


I have been itching to make on of these stuffed animals for Bear.  This book would help my do that.  


Do you crochet or craft?  What splurges do you want to make?


  1. I used to love crocheting, maybe one day I will pick it back up.

    1. I was taught by my grandma when I was little. I try not to go too long without crocheting as I don't want to to lose the skill. Not that is even really possible but still.


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