Monday, October 12, 2015

Korean cooking

Last week, Hubby had a hankering for some yummy Korean food.  He had seen a co-worker eating some homemade Bimbimbop and just couldn't help but want some.  The guy obviously was not about to share his delicious meal, but he did tell hubby where he could get some of the ingredients we were missing in order to make our own.  The market was was pretty close to us.  I see is going back to to explore new things in the future.

We were missing soybean paste most of all!  We knew this, but we needed to find a market that carried it. 

In addition to the location of the market, he sent us to a restaurant.  The Honey Pig Restaurant to be exact.  

It is sort of a beef and leaf express type of place.  I'm sure you could gladly stay there as long as you like, but it seemed to me that everyone was enjoying a quick lunch before heading back to work.  We clearly went during the day (I love hubby's work schedule!) so dinner may be very different.  

They have us some item to snack on right away when we sat down.  I know you are supposed to share but hubby and I were starving so it was more divide and conquer than they intended.  I also don't eat Kimchi.  At least not the few types I have encountered.  If someone puts a new kind in front of me I will try it but there hasn't been one I have liked yet. 

We both ordered Dolsot Bibimbop.  It was delicious!  I ate every last grain of rice in that bowl!  I will gladly get that again the next time we go.

Bear came with us to the restaurant, but he had already eaten.  There was little for him there other than white rice.  The waitress kindly gave him some along with a fork.  He spent the meal feeding himself rice as well as trying to feed rice to the lady on the poster behind him.

He also tried to feed each of us some of his rice.  It made a mess which I feel compelled to clean up.  The waitress should not have to be left with that task.  I will have be thankful that at least he likes to share his feed.

This restaurant was a success to us.  Bear kept his cool and we enjoyed some yummy food.  I wonder how he will do next time when we actually do the beef and leaf with the grill turned on in the center.  Anyone have any tips?

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