Wednesday, October 21, 2015

Halloween Decor

This year we tried to decorate more for the holidays since Bear is getting old.  I feel the need to hype them up a bit more to get him in the spirit.  Last year we did very little.

I loved this bunting, but it's messed up and for $12 I did not 
want to have to fix it.  It should just be right.  #targetfail

We apparently have an obsession with kitchen towels.  

This sad small candy dish has no candy.

Our kitchen table has a large bowl on it that normally only holds playing cards, pad and pen, but I think that we need to put fruit or something in it.  I also changed out the table runner.

Somehow we acquired this tealight haunted house. 
That never has a tealight in it.

This is one of my favorites even though I hate spiders.

The glow is what sold me. 

This is another favorite I got from Target last year.

We have a Faux mantle that needed something to jazz it up.

This sign replaced out "Welcome" sign.

That sad little pumpkin that doesn't light up is really part of the fall decorations.  The movers broke our witch hat that light up like the ghost and jack-o-lantern.
I need to fix it the best I can. 

Of Course, we have to have window clings.

Apparently the biggest hit was this light up spiderweb bunting.  

If he likes this, he is in one heck of a shock when the Christmas decorations come out.


  1. I love all of your decor and boo for that sign being wrong!

    1. Thank you! I'm still trying to find it again.

  2. That spiderweb bunting is awesome!


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