Sunday, September 6, 2015

Martha Stewart's Appetizers

The more social we have become, the more the need for snack food or appetizer has seemed to pop up.  One can only bring dip or a cheese ball so many times before people get sick of seeing them.  So I began searching the Internet for ideas.  When that didn't seem to yield any good results I started to search for cookbooks.  This is how I stumbled upon Martha Stewart.  One of the best people to look for when you want to throw a kick-butt party or simply bring something great along with you to a party.  

This book did not disappoint! There is something for everyone and then some.  Stewart starts off by giving some entertaining ideas, as well as some "party  planning: tips and strategies" as she calls them.  It's worth a read through.

The book is broken down into several sections... Snacks, Starters, Small Plates, Stylish Bites, and sips.

Most ingredients should be easy to find.  I found for anyone.  Having come from an area where it was hard to grocery shop, this is important to me!  It makes them universal for the home cook to use this book.

Some of the recipes are expected.  Things that stand the test of time, much like the cheese ball above.  Having a variety of different kinds of cheese ball recipes does help keep guests happy.  It's familiar but with a twist.

I really like the tips, notes and make ahead sections throughout this book.  They let you everything from substitutions to how long you can store the Appetizer.

The last aspect of this book is the cocktail section.  Any great party needs good drinks to go along with the food.  Stewart includes thirty cocktails in this book.  If you can't find something you like and could recreate your own fault.

Overall this cookbook is a hit for us!  Something I would recommend to anyone who entertains.

If you would like to know more about this Book or the Author, simply click on the link below.

FTC Disclaimer: I received this book from Blogging for Books as compensation for this review.  However, the thoughts and opinions expressed are my own.  

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