Saturday, September 12, 2015

I never thought I would...

... Have traded in designer purses and shoes for a diaper bag and sneakers.

... Enjoy spending the afternoon cooking.

... Spend the entire day doing laundry!

... Be going down this TTC road again.

... Actually enjoy cloth diapering.  Strange I know!

... Enjoy taking the pups on a run.  Duke is a bit better at matching my pace than Coco is.

... Spend so much time shopping for little boys clothing.  Outfitting Bear on a budget is not easy!

... Miss the fall or cold weather as much as do! Bring on Pumpkin season!

Circa October 2014

... Watch as much trash TV as I do.  Time to make some cuts!

... Enjoy a night in with the family more than a night out and about.

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