Wednesday, September 23, 2015

Home Tour: Kitchen

When we first moved into this house, you got a small sneak peek of the new kitchen.

Right away you could see that the upper shelving is open.

We also had a gas stove!  I love a gas stove.  This is a huge bonus!

Overall not a bad first impression.  Then our household good came. We unpacked and I started to fill the shelves. That's when the trouble started.  Everything I put up top, on the exposed shelves, looked messy and disorganized.

The plates and glasses, for the most part, looked just fine. There are a few mismatched mugs but that's fine.

Below the dishes and glasses are our utensils. 
Some things to note; soft-close drawers that fully open!
I must have this in every home.

Under the utensil drawer are two more large deep drawers.  One has a ton of random kitchen gadgets.  It's a mess and you will not being seeing that drawer.  The second drawer is all Tupperware.  

Flipping around to the other side of the room are all the bowls, strainer, pie dishes, measuring cups, and seasonings.

On the counter below is our spice rack and toaster oven.  

Extra cooking utensils are in the next drawer. 

On the bottom is our cookware.  The doors open and there is two pull-out shelves.

Stacking some the pans needed to be done to fit everything.

Just like the drawers the shelves pull out all the way and soft close.  

On the other side of the stove in the upper cabinets are the Corningware and the dry goods.

The next self over has more Corningware, pyrex, fresh fruit, and vegetables.

Next to, or really hidden by the fridge is our random collection of glasses.  It looks messy to me.  This shelf really needs doors.  

The remaining drawer has hot pads, aluminum foil, press and seal, and gloves. 

In the lower cabinets below the dry goods are our cutting boards, oversized baking sheets, drying rack, and cast iron grill/griddle.

This is a neat space filler.  It has our spices and extra crap in it.  

This is the most used drawer in our house, our cooking utensils, measuring cups and serving utensils.  

Thankfully, all of our baking sheet and pans stack nicely into each other or we wouldn't have room for everything.

The bottom shelf had our cast irons and wok.

Soft close drawers are amazing!  I need them in every home now.

Once again, I needed to shorten the curtains in here.  

The wooden floors carry throughout the upper floor which I don't hate.

There you have it!  This is where all those tasty dishes and treats I post are made.  This isn't a bad kitchen for a rental home by any means.


  1. You are so organized! Love it.

  2. I really like the kitchen! :)

    1. It's given me some great ideas for a future dream home.

  3. I love galley kitchens, I think it look super nice. I love your deep drawers!

    1. I am learning to like the drawers. I didn't at first but they are growing on me.


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