Thursday, September 3, 2015

Cloth Diaper Reboot

I had loved cloth diapers before our move.  I had an awesome fit on Bear and a wash routine that worked beautifully.  Then we were about to move.  I did one last wash on everything and switched to disposable.  The plan was to switch back once we got settled in.  That never happened.

It's not that I had a problem with my diapers which I don't.  The fit is just fine and the washer we have here is even easier to get a good wash on the diapers.  My problem was a mix of wanting to potty train and too much traveling.  

Let's start with the fact that I do not cloth diaper outside the home.  Call me crazy but I don't.  It's not terribly hard or even that inconvenient, I just simply couldn't be bothered.  We have also been traveling so much that finding a starting point jump back in never worked out.  I've pulled the bin out of the closet on no less than 5 separate occasions.

Then there is the point of when to potty train.  Bear like using the potty several times a day.  He has a consistent routine with it, but we hesitate to jump into full potty training mode.  He is ready and shows all the signs of being ready yet we don't.  This the other part of what's keeping me from diving back into cloth diapers. If I'm potty training soon why go back?

Well, these are lame excuses and I'm sick of wasting money on disposable when we are at home.  They have already paid form themselves including all the accessories, Pail liners, wet bags, diaper sprayer, and whatnot, that came along with using cloth diapers use.  Any extra use would save us some money.  Trust me I painstakingly did the math and tallied/charted on my every diaper change and load of laundry just to make sure.  From here on out it is simply the cost of a load of laundry done in our home.  This is minimal in my eyes.  Even a few extra loads a month wouldn't add up to the $60 on 2 cases of diapers I need every month sometimes more. 

So I have pulled out the cloth diapers from storage.  I took the inserts out of every diaper and then tossed the diapers in.  It took two loads, but they are all washed.

They will stay here hanging until they dry. 

Once dry I sized every diaper to fit bear, stuff every diaper and then figure out our new storage for them.  

Clean fluff looks so cute too me.

Here is all the Charlie Banana Cloth Diapers.  They are single stuffed for daytime use.

The Bum Genius Cloth Diapers are double stuffed for nap time and overnight use.  If I run out of daytime diapers I will simply pull out the smaller insert.

Since his dresser is full this Rubbermaid drawers will work well for storing evening I need as well as give me the ability to place things on top of it.

How do you store your cloth diapers?

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