Tuesday, September 29, 2015

Bears' First Sleeping Bag

In an effort to not lose my mind, we need to get back into doing some things that we used to do.  One of those things we enjoy doing pre-baby is camping.  To get Bear on board to the whole camping idea, we let him pick out a cheap sleeping bag that would work for the fall.  

The last time we went to NY we stopped at our favorite discount store to see what they had.  We stumbled upon several kid sleeping bags.  Only being two years, we wanted to give him some choice but with something we could live with.  His choices were Lightening McQueen, Sully from Monsters INC and Buzz Light Year.  As you can see below he picked Buzz Light Year.  We walked out $5 dollars lighter but with something Bear liked.

This one goes down to 30 degrees which is more than he will ever need.  If I'm anywhere near 30 degrees outside while camping something is wrong!  

One afternoon, I decided to take it out and let him explore his new sleeping bag.  

The only thing I noticed was the zipper happened to rub away a small spot on buzz's name tape.  Honestly, this doesn't bother me at all.  It was $5 and cheaper than anything I could have gotten at the store.

He seemed to like it.

Bear climbed in and out several times.

We may have to take the next step and try some indoor camping.

Anyone camp with toddlers?  How did they do?


  1. He looks so happy! I absolutely love it.

    1. We are trying some indoor camping and hoping it goes well.


Your thoughts?

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