Monday, September 14, 2015

Beach Vacation Wrap-up

In the morning, we all said goodbye to these two lug heads.

For some odd reason, it's the first time in a few years that I have felt bad about them going into the kennel.  It was just for two and half days, but I know they were going to miss us.  They don't do well, especially Coco when they are away from us.  Regardless, they had to go.  Hubby took them to drop them off.

Once he got back we finished packing the car, ate lunch then headed to Ocean City, MD.

Five minutes into the trip and Bear fell asleep like we were hoping.

Once we found the hotel we checked in then brought all our crap up to the hotel room. It's amazing how much luggage one needs with traveling with a kid!  

Oh well!

This is what I needed to see!  I love the beach!

You have to have a decent view on holiday!

They didn't have a king size bed with ocean view, so two queens it is.  Close enough. The view was well worth it.  

We have a balcony that will get used tomorrow during nap time.

The biggest concern for me was the fact that Bear is now tall enough and capable of turning the door handles.  Thankfully the latch at the top kept him from being able to escape.  

There is also as "kitchenette", which basically a microwave, sink, and mini fridge.

After quickly settling in we decided to walk the boardwalk.  All four and quarter miles of it.  The idea was fine but in hindsight I should not have worn my cheap old navy flip flops.  I have the blisters to prove it was a terrible idea.  

The long walk on the boardwalk did show us everything there was to see.  

Once we got back to the hotel, We relaxed and cooled off while trying to find a place for dinner.

We decided to head out Jonah and the whale seafood buffet.

It was OK.  Their crab legs were cooked perfectly, which is after all why we went there.  

Bear ate mostly French fries and chicken fingers.  He did try some of the mashed potatoes, carrots and broccoli, but I'll call it a win.

We came back from dinner and relaxed in the room for a bit.

We then changed and headed to the beach.

Bear loved it!

When we finished at the beach, we headed to the pool for some swimming.

The next morning we went breakfast a few blocks down from our hotel.

Somehow, Bear ended up like this.  Only him!

After breakfast, we went to the beach.

We spent several hours at the beach.  We played in the sand and then headed out into the water.  Several large waves later and I decided it's nap time for Bear.  

We had to wake Bear up because of the fire alarm going off.  So, let's just head to dinner now rather than waiting.  

With food in our bellies, we decided to go for a 2-mile walk on the beach.

Bear was not happy about being stuck in the stroller.  He wanted to be in the sand playing.  However, he had plenty of that earlier in the day.  After our walk we went for another evening swim to make sure Bear was completely tuckered out.  I'd say his yawns while swimming meant he would sleep well.

For nap time earlier, bear and I shared a bed.  It worked out well, so I decided to give it a try that evening.  Worst case scenario I would simply put him back into his pack and play.  At 3 am agreeing having been kicked more times than I could count I almost put him in his pack and play.  A quick diaper change later and I decided against it.  I woke up to find Bear like this in the morning.  Feet towards the headboard and laying on top of the covers.  Toddlers are weird!  Regardless, I am hoping this means no more traveling with the pack and play.  

We had planned to wake up earlier and spend some time on the beach before we had to check out.  However, the storm rolled in earlier than expected so we eased into the morning.  That wasn't a bad thing either.  Once up we packed our stuff and headed out.  

Goodbye Ocean City, until we meet again...


  1. What an awesome vacation, you can never go wrong with the beach.


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