Saturday, September 19, 2015

Ban on plastic bags

I feel like when you find a product you love, you need to let people know!  There is a time and a place to hear about the crummy ones, but this isn't it.  This post was inspired by an article I read on facebook.  Not too long ago, Hawaii decided to ban the use of plastic shopping bags.

I for one, think more states should be doing this!  However, when talking to friends about reusable bags they seemed a bit apprehensive to jump on board.  Today, I want to share my favorite reusable bags with everyone.

They claimed the would forget to bring them or that they simply hated the reusable bags they found in stores.  Well, I can't do anything about your memory (other than suggesting you keep them in your car like we do) but I can suggest a great bag that holds up well.  
ChicoBags are by far my favorite reusable bag!  I have had my set for over a year now and they are still going strong.  They are not paying me and I am in no way receiving any type of compensation for this post please don't think that's why I am plugging them.  I just simply love these bags!  They address many of the common complaints my friends have.

"(Reusable bags) don't hold a lot."
They hold about 25lbs of groceries or whatever you want to put in it yet they don't feel like they are going to break.  I have found that quantity wise, they hold the same as a standard shopping bag.

From our last home before we moved.

"You can't clean them."
They clean up easily with some soap and water if something does spill.  I have only had one thing spill and it did not leave a stain. 

"They are chunky.  The bags don't really fold up well."
The Chicobags fold up small enough to fit in your hand.  If you want take them on the go they do fold up small enough to fit in your purse.  I keep one in the clutch I use every day.  (HINT: 10 cents back at Target for every reusable bag you use there)

"The last bags I bought fell apart after the second use."
Over one year of use and they are still going strong.  Not one issue! How is that for durability?  I use them every time I go grocery shopping.  Believe me, the people bagging your groceries at the commissary are NOT easy on them!  They look as good today as they did the day I got them.    


You can purchase these at many locations.  Obviously, you can get them from their website, but reUSEit also carries them.  The price on either isn't terrible.  However, if you aren't too picky on color, you can get sets of four on Amazon for a cheap price ($19).  

What are your thoughts on this plastic bag ban?

(Psssst.... check back in early October, I'll be giving away one of these!)


  1. So, I live in Hawaii. The most annoying thing about not having reusable bags is that now I have to buy bags for the cat poop instead of using my grocery bags. But the commissary on base started using biodegradable plastic bags so that's not too bad. The transition to reusable bags has been nice, they hold EVERYTHING!

    1. I do understand that! We use the 2-3 bags we end up getting on big shopping trips a garbage pail liners for our bathrooms. now we would have to buy those or clean out the pails sans using a liner. I do like the biodegradable idea.

  2. I love using reusable bags, they are definitely bigger and easier to use.

    1. I highly recommend these, worth every penny!


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