Tuesday, September 8, 2015

A toddler playground...

...that is at the mall.

Sadly, around here there are not many playground that accommodate toddlers.  By not many, I mean I have only found one.  Turns out it is a play area at the local mall.  It is Maryland Themed.  

The whole area is heavily padded including all the equipment.  

A slide is located in the lighthouse, as well as a tunnel.

My kid is the one climbing up the slide.  

This is the other half of the play area... what's behind the lighthouse.  

If you climb on the bird bath or run your hand under the birds mouth, it starts to chirp.  

The tree has a small bumpy slide.  Bear wasn't really sure about this one.

My favorite part was the Maryland Blue Crab.

However, a busy toddler doesn't want to sit still on a crab for a photo op.

We will have to come back first thing in the morning before the stores open and the play area gets crowded.  Especially, in the winter when it's cold outside! 

If all goes well at the play area, we can take a short walk down to Bass Pro Shop to see the fishes.  

Are there many toddler size playgrounds where you are?


  1. This is AWESOME! We have a toddler play area at our mall, but it's nothing compared to y'alls!

    1. I was insanely impressed by this mall's playground.

  2. it's so hard to find toddler safe playgrounds, that one is so cute!

    1. It is adorable! I wish more places and town had toddler friendly play areas.

  3. He looks like a happy kiddo for sure!


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