Wednesday, August 26, 2015

The First RE Appointment

Warning: If you don't like reading about lady bits and lady doctors this is not the post for you.  you might want to check back another day or browse the some of the earlier post.  


A few days ago we went to the RE.  They had a much earlier appointment, 6 weeks earlier in fact, so I jumped at the opportunity.  I was also thankful that it landed on a day that Hubby was off.  I like going to these initial appointment with him.  This process involves him even though I am the one receiving treatment.  I want Hubby to be comfortable with the course of treatment as well as to be able to ask any questions that he may have.  Daily visits aren't needed but these types I feel are needed.  That said I would have gone without him if I had to instead of waiting another month and half.  

John Hopkins grounds are really Beautiful.  

I was extremely nervous for this appointment.  It's a new doctor and while I kind of knew what to expect every doctor has their own way of doing things.  To add to this stress he did not have a copy of my records from my previous doctor.  I needed to sign a waiver to have them sent but I couldn't do that until I had my appointment.  I all seemed silly to me.  But it is what it is.

I was even taken early because I had already filled out all the paperwork ahead of time like they asked.  I guess people don't normally do this.

The process was a bit different than I expected.  I gave a verbal account of my history after a doctor, I will call the assistant, had read my file.  Bear started to lose it and thankfully Hubby handled it all the best he could.  A toddler throwing a fit is never fun for any but especially not at a doctor's appointment.

Up next was pelvic exam and sonogram. It was one of the most awkward exams I have ever had.  The assistant, a full-fledged MD in her own right gave me the exam while my doctor stood in the room spot checking her after a few responses. 

Then came the internal sonogram.  The assistant started and went through everything.  He then took over and checked everything again himself.  Everything came back as expected.  My lining was very thick and my ovaries were a bit swollen but nothing to be concerned about.  This is to be expected since I have not had a "menses" as the doctor kept calling it since April.  TMI I know!  But hey that's what you are going to get here when talking about RE appointments.

Throughout all of this Hubby is trying to wrangle Bear in the background.  I hear Bear laughing from being tickled, Hubby trying to get him to focus on something that wasn't me or what was going on, and on top of it all one of phones was playing Paw Patrol with the volume on loud enough for me to hear.  It was a three-ring circus in that exam room yet I seemed to be the only one bothered by the whole thing.  Then again I was the only one naked in the room.

After the exam we headed over to the doctors office to discuss everything.  My doctor is also a professor and it was evident in him trying to explain the egg cycle and hormone levels to me.  He also further explained PCOS and how it will effect this whole process both with trying for another child and long term effects / treatment. This a life long struggle I will have.

Since he didn't have much to go on without my records in hand he explained the course of treatment and where he would like to start.  I first and foremost needed to have a "menses" or period.  I needed to flush my system of the build up.  This I fully expected.   However what I didn't expect is what he said next.  

"I want to start you on just Femara alone, nothing else, over the course of several days and see how your body reacts to it. The from there we will make adjustments."

This felt and still sort of feels like a step backwards to me.  I had been on a combination of Femara and Follistim with an HCG trigger with my previous doctor.  Going back to just Femara alone makes me think it's a waste of time.  Granted without my records he has nothing to go on which makes this a logical step for us.  

The doctor also believes this is the right step because he is also concerned about multiples. Rightly so.  I had a preterm c-section and multiples adds another level of risk to an entire pregnancy.  The thought to multiples, even twins, frightens us.  I am at least glad he wants to be cautious about this.  

So for now I need to just wait for him to review my records and then see if he wants to continue with his previously stated course of treatment or if he has something else in mind.  Regardless I know I just need to wait and see how it all goes.  My body and hormones have changed since having a child so how I will react is a guess.  Fingers crossed though this isn't going to be as long of a process as I feel it might become.  


  1. ugh pelvic exams are the worst. I hope this was a good step for y'all!

    1. They really are not fun even under the best circumstances. This is the first step in the process so it is a good thing for us.

  2. I will be curious to see what the doctor says after he reads your records.

    1. Oh yeah! I'm interested to see what changes, if any, he wants to make since he went in such a different direction from our last doctor.


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