Monday, August 3, 2015

Home Tour: Playroom

Over the next couple of weeks I will be doing a Maryland Home Tour.  Give you all a sneak peek into our home and how we set it up.

This room was one we sort of struggled with.  We knew we wanted a playroom but the problem was location.  Do we just make one big playroom downstairs in the common area or do we create one upstairs and leave a few of the bigger toys downstairs.  In the end I am happy with the choice to turn the 3rd bedroom upstairs into a playroom.  It is not quite finished but it's a start.  I have some pictures I need to hang as well but like I said, it's a start.

An overview of the room.

This giant box is our toy chest.  It currently contains all the old toys he has outgrown.

Every kid needs a comfy reading area.

This cube unit was from when I was in college.  It is technically 2 of them.  One gray and one black.  The Gray cubes open to the top.  I put anything I don't want Bear having access to unless he is supervised.

I keep books he likes but isn't quite ready to have free access too.

In the black section of the unit I have some of the storage bins.  This is for Vtech go go smart wheels.

For little people toys.

This is for what I consider baby or infant toys.

I use this as his sensory table that has his mega bloks right now.  In the winter I plan to do dye rice and pasta.

Underneath is the folded pop up tunnel.

The pull up bar is basically there to keep him from closing the door because no door stopper I have found works.  

A gate at the door.

It's a short gate easier for us to step over.

There is so much more that I want to do with this room.  I need add art to the walls and I really want to make a magnetic/chalk board for the room.  If only we have didn't have to move over and over again I could build a dream playroom for Bear.

Obviously no playroom is complete without a real picture of it while he is in there making a mess.  He does however have to pick it all up everyday before bed.


Your thoughts?

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