Monday, August 31, 2015

Home Tour: Master Bedroom

Continuing on with the home tour, we move on randomly to the Master Bedroom.  

This is the smallest master bedroom we have ever had in a rental home, yet it doesn't seem to bother us now.  At first it was a tough adjustment. Yet, it doesn't need to function as anything other than a bedroom unlike in the past.  I don't know if you remember but the last master bedroom we had to put both dog crates and my treadmill in it.  There simply was no other space for those things.  Here however, it is luckily just a bedroom. 

This is the view when walking into the room.  You immediately see my side of the room.  

Our new to us queen size bed fits nicely in it.  We were in need of a new bed when the person Hubby was replacing offered up his four year old mattress.  It was in his storage unit and had been for three of the four years had owned it.  The mattress was going to be tossed as he couldn't take it with him.  We gladly picked it up.  

Things that were once in other places now needed to be tucked into new locations due to the smaller space.  Suitcases under our bed, seasonal clothing and additional space saver bags are stored elsewhere.  It's not a big deal to us in the long run because we do have the space for it.  

I put my makeup cabinet next to Hubby's dresser so as not to block the entryway into the room. Speaking of the makeup cabinet it should probably be called something else since it now holds most of my fashion jewelry and hair tools along with other beauty products.

Unlike the last home where we had not one but two large walk-in closets, here we have two standard closets.  We are sharing both at this time because of the shoe rack.  Like I mentioned earlier, we had to move other items like coats and blankets into the playroom closet. Honestly, I don't really miss anything as this worked just fine for us.  We hardly went into the walk-in at the last house.

One big thing I wanted to change about this master bedroom was to remove the TV.  I wanted that in our common area downstairs.  We didn't use it enough to make it worth keeping in our bedroom.  I also opted to not put the mirror up on my dresser.  The screw on the back was messed up in the move and I did not want to mess with it.  It wasn't worth it.  Since there really was no other place for this I tucked it behind the laundry hampers so it is out of the way.  It doesn't look pretty but it works.

On my dresser there are my two target jewelry boxes, both Nooks, a travel DVD player, and my old keepsake box from my father.  There is also my tall bottles of perfume that couldn't fit in the makeup cabinet, as well as some face towels.  This is the cleanest it will likely ever be.  I'm terrible at leaving junk up on top of it.  

My nightstand has stayed surprisingly clean here too.  It's always been cluttered in other houses, but I am really trying to work on this.  I straighten it up every night if it looks even slightly messy.  

I typically have a few books, my kindle, and kindle charger hanging around.  I try to read prior to bed.  Typically I am reading one or two books at a time, especially if I get bored with one.  In this case I am re-reading "bringing up bebe."  I was in that new mommy zombie haze when I read it the first time.   Have you read any of these?

Also on my nightstand is Bears' Monitor and my cell phone charger.  Both cables are stuffed under the lamp to both keep them hidden and on the nightstand.  Fishing for cables is never fun at night.  

It's another room that serves it purpose.  It's not my ideal Master bedroom but it works.  I'd love my walk-in closets back but oh well.  I do whoever love the simplicity in.  It is just a bedroom and not trying to serve any other purpose. 

Has your bedroom turned into anything other than bedroom?  An office maybe or home gym like ours used to be?


Your thoughts?

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