Monday, August 17, 2015

Home Tour: Main Bathroom

If you haven't seen other parts of the house check them out by clicking here!  Today you all are getting a peek inside our main bathroom.  This house has no master bath.  It's not that big of a deal seeing as it is just us and Bear.  However this is a fraction of the size of the previous house but it is not the smallest bathroom we have ever had.  

This is looking down the hall into the master bath.  I know I will get asked this so yes that is a laundry chute in the hallway there.  The "X" is painters tape.  It is there to deter Bear from putting anything down there.  It is open and we do know where it goes I just paranoid something will get caught up on the way down.  Something important like my keys.  Crazy I know but whatever!  There is also a mirror mounted on the outside of the door.  If we owned this house it would be one of the first things to go. 

Looking into the bathroom you can see this Swedish (read:IKEA) vanity.  It is a so not our style but it works.  I find it laughable that they think two people could (or would) be using this sink at the same time.  Two kids maybe but definitely not two adults. 

I am slowly working on potty training Bear.  Now that we have moved and settled in its about time.  We have transitioned back to using or at least sitting on his potty multiple times a day.  Soon I need to bite the bullet and just go for it.  For now this is his little potty station. 

Behind the door is the air vent.  We didn't really have a place for this rack in this house so we put it there for now.  Above this is a double bar towel rack as well as a single one on the back of the door.     

The tub is deceptively deep.  On top of that the overflow drain is placed as high up as it can possibly be.  All of this means I can soak in a tub!  I love it!

Typically I am not a fan of this type of shower head but it works here.  I don't hate it.  What I do hate is that they have an wooden window sill in the shower.  It is painted (poorly) and I can only imagine the amount of mold growing in or behind this window sill.  I bleach it constantly but I never feel that I can get it all.  They should have done a tile frame.

Inside the shower are two mounted holders.  More storage that is out of the way when bathing Bear.  

Next to the kid potty are these stacked pull out baskets.  They add some much needed storage to this smaller bathroom.  I need to make better use of them.  Like maybe putting the kid toys out of sight.  

Everyone has their own cup with their own stuff.  You can also get a better look at modern sink. I picked up a super cheap and small cutting board that lays across the sink to give me some counter space to put my straightening iron or makeup.

They have two glass mirrors with shelves that we hardly ever use.  It is nice to have though since there is little to no counter space. 

Have I mentioned that I love seeing Bears' cup and toothbrush every morning.  However I dread seeing all the kid stuff at the end of a rough day. 

With all of the storage they oddly did not have a toilet paper holder.  We had one from a previous house which worked out well.  It is also odd that we are in the process of potty training yet I felt the need to add the door knob protector to keep him from coming into without our knowledge.  We may need to rethink this.  

Overall it is not that bad of a main bathroom.  We do have another bathroom downstairs however it is terribly out of date and super tiny.  Nothing even worth the pictures. 


  1. I actually really love that vanity!

    1. I love the drawers in the vanity. That is incredibly worth it!


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