Tuesday, August 11, 2015

Home Tour: Backyard

Continuing with the Maryland Home Tour we randomly jump to the backyard.  You can see the previous home tour rooms here.  Now on to the tour...

We have a decent size fenced in backyard.  That is one of the biggest factors in choosing this house.  Every other house we looked at would have involved walking the dogs on a leash multiple times a day.  So seeing a backyard let alone one fenced in seemed like a no brainer.

We have a pretty big large deck that connects to the second floor off the living room.  We are have our patio table with chairs out there but we rarely use it.  Also on the deck as you can see below are the grape vines attempting to take over.

They are actually producing grapes as well.

We have a nice little shed in the back to hold gardening equipment.

The owners have attempted some landscaping but it not too bad.

They added some lattice to below the deck something for the grape vines to climb up. 

And that folks is or backyard.  Overall I don't mind it.


  1. I love it! SO fun that you have grape vines.

    1. We have a kiwi tree here too! It's a pleasant surprise. They are slowly ripening and will be delicious to enjoy!


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