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Trying: A New Crocheting Pattern - I am in love with doing a ripple recently.  I am hooked, Pun intended!  It's an easy flow that I can basically do this in my sleep. 

Drinking: Green Tea.  Boat loads of green tea.  Hot or cold but its just so delicious.  

Deciding: On new Art.  Mainly for Bears play room and his bedroom.  I know there is one I will be making using his baby shower cards, new baby cards, and baptism cards all in one frame.  Then there are some small posters/pictures I like for the playroom. 

Wearing: far to many workout clothes.  Which wouldn't be a problem except it's less working out and more for the comfort.  eek.

Needing: this

Planning:  various trips for us!  We want to head to Ocean City,MD for a short beach vacation.  We want to go camping again.  We want 

Trying:  to decide which craft project to work on next.  I'm thinking the quilt ladder.  It needs sanding, staining, reinforcement, and proper angling.

What have you been up to lately?


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