Sunday, August 9, 2015

Chuggington: A Traintastic Adventure

Recently we went to the B&O railroad museum.  They had a show and activities for Chuggington fans.  It is a three day event in Baltimore which is super close to us.  It is nice to get out and finally do things without having to drive hours away. 

They have a variety of events and activities including a show with large size trains (seen above) and a train ride.  The tickets are a bit pricey at $23 each but considering we will likely not get the opportunity again to I through it was a good to take Bear to.  

The various activities that are available for this event are as follows:

Chuggington's Main Depot & Event Park
Hanzo's Passenger Run (Train Ride)
Chuggington Trainee Roundhouse Show
KoKo's Cargo Speed Challenge
Brewster's Big Build
Wilson's Rescue Challenge
M'Tambo's Safari Park
Chuggington Toy Shop
Frostini's Ice Cream Factory

Additionally they have the standard exhibits that are there normally.

These sound fancy but really they are stations of different ability.  Some were building tracks while others were setting up foam blocks to make an arch.  There was also coloring and playing with trains. That last one was Bears favorite.  Yup $23 each for him to play with a train table like the one we have at home. Really it wasn't that bad lol.

Like normal I take a ton of pictures so here are some of my favorites from the day!

After playing with some track he got his Brewster bracelet.

He also colored a train and got a small coloring book.  

Here he got the Wilson bracelet for knocking over a flame with a bean bag.  Or really punching it over.

Later he went on a train ride. They did 3 loops.  He was one of the youngest riders and yet didn't cry!  

He's in the yellow hat

He lined up the cones and filled the  bucket with a shovel full of shredded tires.  

The room was air conditioned so it was super nice!

Back inside we checked out some of the old trains.

When we finished looking around we went on our train ride.  

We were last on the line which wasn't a bad thing.

After the train ride we went to see the show.  

After the show we got to go up and see the trains.

He liked the train set there so much that we set up a small track for him on the coffee table.  


  1. This looks like so much fun! Glad you got to go. :)

    1. I think he enjoyed himself. We also liked looking at the old trains and reading about them in the museum.


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