Monday, August 24, 2015

A NY wedding / NY Take 3

We got to take a trip to NY once again!  While we never need an excuse to visit, this time we had one.  A dear sweet friend of mine/ours was getting married.  Something we just could not miss! 

One thing you may or may not know about me is that I hate wearing dresses.  So naturally when I discussed this wedding with friends they decided that I had no choice but the wear a dress.  With no viable excuse I conceded and started searching for a dress.  One trip to David's bridal and I fell in love with the 6th dress I tried on.  Let me tell you that this has never happened before.  Especially not when in the horrible condition I was in the day we went.  My shoulders we still burnt from too much sun, my hair was in a ponytail, and it had been a few days since I had last shaved my legs.  Despite all of that I felt pretty in that dress. 

Then came the accessories. After a heated debate about the color of shoes I should wear, I put it on IG for a vote.  I lost miserably, but after getting off my butt and trying them both on I very much preferred the Nude Pumps (#2) over the Black Pumps.  

Jewelry was pretty easy.  It needed to be something I owned already since the dress busted my budget for the wedding already.  I have tons of stuff so something had to work. I ended up going with the set I wore for my first Military Ball with Hubby.

The necklace would not be needed so I just used the bracelet, earrings and broach.  Not to forget the black pashmina just in case I got cold.  

The broach went onto this small black clutch I own to dress it up a bit.  It's cute on its own but it was better with a little something extra here.

With my outfit complete I needed to make sure Hubby had something acceptable to wear.  Sure enough the one and only suit he owns still fits perfectly.  The tie and shirt he had also worked.  When you wear uniforms all day one suit is all you need.

The weekend quickly approached and after hubby got out of work we all piled into the car and headed north to my hometown.  The drive was relatively simple as always.  

We spent the first day shopping.  No trip to NY seems complete without at least a little bit of shopping.  OK and maybe some pizza as well.  We spent way too much at the Columbia Outlet and then a bit more at the discount store for items we need for our upcoming beach trip.  Beach chairs and sand toys mainly.

The next evening was my/our friends wedding.  I spent the morning making sure my father and his girlfriend knew every tip and trick I could think of as they were gracious enough to watch Bear for the evening.  This turned out to the very first time we have left him with family. He has been to day care several times, but no one has ever put him down to bed other than one of us.  Also, he has never woken up from a nap and without one of us there.  I had no idea how he would react.  My fear is that he would scream his head off for hours.  Needless to say the first night out without Bear had me pretty worried.  

We got ready and headed off early to the church.  Genius me left the invitation at home so we arrived even earlier than I anticipated.  We sat in the church, chatted and waited.  

The Church

Oh the memories... The church is part of the undergrad college I went too.  I went to mass here many times and have seen many people get married here over the last 10 years... Eek I'm showing my age.

The wedding was as I expected, quick and to the point.  The bride looked amazing!  As I shared with her I am uber jealous of her dress.  She looked fabulous in it.  Here is where one would typically add a picture of happy couple but I don't do that sort of thing because I like to keep some sense of privacy. Sorry.  Instead here is a picture of her beautiful bouquet.

After the wedding they posed for pictures while we headed off to waste some time before the cocktail hour started.  Clearly we had no idea what we were in for as we stopped at McDonald for a quick bite to eat.  

Then a Starbucks run of course.

Like I said, we had no idea what we were in for.  Regardless we enjoyed our treats and headed to the reception once again way early.  Had it not been for valet parking we may have napped in the car for a bit.  Yes we are that old apparently!

Before going into the beautiful reception venue we took an opportunity to fill out the card and check in on how Bear was doing.  All seemed to be going well with Bear thankfully.  He was happily enjoying his Cheerios and hadn't cried much at all.

This was the card we picked out.  We went fancy since the actual gifts had been sent early due to our move.  Also who wants to lug present back after their wedding? The card was huge and didn't even come close to fitting into the box they had for them.  Oh well.  I placed it on the table and left it at that.

Once inside I signed the guestbook, found out what table we would be at, and then promptly found the bar.  I had a much needed Cosmo to unwind from the internal panic I had from leaving the toddler with my father.  However, it was incredibly delicious but way to strong for me to keep drinking them the rest of the night.  

First drink of the night.
I switched to Chardonnay for the remainder of the evening.  Note this seemed like a great idea at the beginning of the evening.  

Since we were pretty much the only ones there at this time I snuck in some pictures of the venue.  They don't do the place justice.

Before the cocktail hour started I went off to the ladies room before it got insanely crowded.  In there I found this...

I think it is a super cute idea for anyone getting married!  I know several people, including myself, that could have used something like this in their moment of need!  You never know when a zipper could break, as some poor guest had happen.

We each had another drink while waiting for the cocktail hour to begin.  Guests began pouring in as the shuttle from the hotel had arrived.  

Moving on to the actual cocktail hour...

This was one of 6 or 7 stations (I lost count) you could go to get food.  Had we known we would be eating so much we would not have stopped for food before heading here.  You had everything: a hand rolled sushi, a carving station, a made to order pasta station, and of course fresh cut fruit.  Seriously, there was more food here than at the fancy buffet in Louisiana we went to!  However, this place hands down had better food! I wanted to try a bit of everything but managed to not get to half of what was around.  I sampled watermelon with feta, alfredo pasta, raw clams, steamed shrimp, and antipasto.  My top picks were the hand rolled sushi and smoked salmon over a dill cream cheese on a crostini.  Everything I tried was delicious but those were the only items I went back for seconds on.  We were not sure if this much food was in place of an actual meal or not so Hubby and I happily ate up.  About an hour or so later the crowd was escorted to the ballroom for the remainder of the evening.

I felt very smart at this point to have filled out the guestbook and checked our table number upon arrival as it was packed during this transition.  Word to the wise, always do this early. Also, I wrote out in the notepad of my phone what I wanted to write in the guestbook on the drive there.  It made it so much easier than thinking of something with a crowd of people staring at you.  

We easily found our seats at table 16.  While I didn't know anyone else at the table prior to the wedding I got to know them over the course of the evening.  We pretty much were all "young" couples.  I'll put that in quotes as we were the oldest people at the table to my knowledge.  The newlyweds next to us had just been married 6 weeks and when they heard we are going on 5 years of marriage we got these wide eyed looks with a big "wow" followed by "that's a long time."   Ah newlywed bliss... Barely thinking about the road ahead that 5 years seems long.  I'll take their shock as a compliment.  

Upon sitting down we learned two big things.  One that the cocktail hour was in fact not dinner, that was still to come, 

and two they had a photo booth.  One I assure you, we would not be going to take pictures in.  Or so I thought in my clearly sober state.

This is a fabulous I idea when you have a bunch of out going wedding guest like this couple had.  

While everyone was settling into their new location the waiter came around and asked each person what they were drinking and what their choice of entree would be.  Like the old married couple we are we could not decide between two dishes, the beef or the fish, so we each got one and planned to share.  Our waiter was amazing!  Hands down the best service we have ever had at any wedding or formal event we have been too.  This is saying a lot as we have been to many many events with great waiters.  More on the waiter later.

Like every wedding I have been too they announced the bridal party then then New Couple. They jumped right into their first dance.  It was incredibly sweet to see them both look so happy.  Up next was the bride and her father.  They danced to a short snippet of a song. Something I wish we had done at our wedding.  A whole so is a long time when everyone is staring at you.  Then the Groom and his mother danced for a bit.  Last up was the bride and her grandfather.  It all was super sweet.

With most of the formalities out of the way it was time eat, again.  We enjoyed our appetizers before getting up to mingle a bit.  When we returned our plates had been cleared and lemon sorbet had been placed at every seat.

It was a refreshing palette cleanser prior to the entree.  A bit more chatting with the people at our table and then the waiter came around with a tray full of shots.  Not just any shots.  It was fireball mixed with something cream based.  I took a quick sniff despite knowing it was a bad idea.  Ever wonder what regret smells like?  This was it.  Bad judgement was tossed aside when the whole table raised shots to the happy couple.  The girl to my right and I both hesitated drinking.  We go oh what the hell and downed the shot.  It is not one I will ever do again.  That is for sure.  I am long past my college days of drinking awful shots just for fun. Well call this a one time thing and leave it at that.  I'll stick with wine.

Some more chatting and then out came dinner.  The waiter placed the beef dish in front of Hubby and the fish in front of me.  He tells me that the fish is the best thing on the menu.  He was absolutely right.  It was fabulous.  I tried Hubby but regrettably told him he could only have a few bites and I wanted the rest.  When the waiter came back around he asked us which had won out.  The Chilean Sea Bass was just so perfectly cooked and delicious.  The Beef was good but the fish was clearly better.

Remember earlier I said the waiter was amazing?  Well he came back after everyone in the room had been served with a new fish dish for Hubby.  He said the dish was left over as someone had changed their mind and wanted something else.  He added "I snagged the last one before it swam away."  Which of course I found funny in all its corniness.  Hubby was incredibly grateful for this.  Well above and beyond what he needed to do.  He also shared with us that if we didn't finish our meals, he could pack it up for us to take home.  I'm not sure he told this to everyone though as we were the only ones with to go food when I wasn't the only one who didn't finish their meal.  

After the table was cleared, once again did more shots come out.  Another round of fireball but I opted out.  I would not make that mistake again!  Some more mingling and drinks passed the time while other were dancing up a storm! 

We took this as an opportunity to head over to the photo booth.  Earlier I had assumed that it would not be happening but in my then intoxicated state it seemed like a good idea.  I should add I generally hate pictures of myself hence why I did not want to do it earlier.  What changed my mind, besides some liquid encouragement, was something one of the newlyweds at the table asked me.  She asked, what was the best piece of advice you were given the day of (our) wedding.  I said it came from Hubby's aunt.  She said never take life too seriously.  Marriage much like life brings with it the good and the bad.  If you can remember to goof around and have a good time even when it seems the sky is falling you'll be OK in the end.  So with that thought in mind we went over the photo booth.  We both decided to pause and see what everyone was doing before we stood inline.  Aside from one couple they all seemed to just have a good time with it much like you are supposed to. During our turn we realized how a small table or something like that would have helped when you are grabbing at props in a box in the short few seconds between pictures.  The results were OK.  They were added to the book with everyone else with the note "never take life too seriously."

Some more mingling and back to our seats we went.  It was then I told Hubby if he hadn't planned on it he needed to tip our waiter.  Hubby had a fresh tonic and lime (he was DD for the night) and I had my wine glass filled.  Or maybe glasses considering there were two there for me.  No idea how that happened.  However, I must have ordered the Kennedy Package as my glass was never empty.  Neither was anyones at our table.  

Not too long after we sat down the couple cut the cake and finished up the last of the formalities.  The bouquet toss followed by the garter removal and then garter toss.  This was a pretty funny part of the evening.  The bride started calling out all the single people who tried to dodge this wedding tradition. 

Up next the dessert was served.  We were under the silly assumption that the sampler was for the table but we were wrong.  Everyone got their own yummy plate of treats and a slice of cake.

The evening concluded with a lot of dancing.   I will add the MC of the night was fabulous! He had everyone up and moving.  

After the last song had been played at midnight we said our goodbyes and headed home.

Once we got home my Father met us to fill us in on how Bear handled our absence. Thankfully he did great and everyone had a good time.

The next day I spent the morning nursing a hangover.  One too many Chardonnays at the wedding.  Hubby gratefully took care of Bear that morning.  A long nap later and I was good as new.  Clearly I am not as young as I used to be!   The rest of that evening we spent in the pool relaxing.  Bear loved the water so he had a blast.

The last day we ordered pizza then got on the road early.

All in all we had a fabulous time at the wedding and in NY.  


  1. I am so happy you chose that dress! It's just perfect.


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