Saturday, August 1, 2015

A Craft Table

I have been searching for a while for a craft table.  I wanted one that is solid and sturdy but yet one that folds up so I can tuck it out of the way if I need it too.  For the longest time I was thinking that would be a plastic folding table or a card table.  Thankfully I found this one on Pinterest ...

This is Norden, courtesy of IKEA.  Hubby and I loaded into the car headed to IKEA looking for some bedding for Bear as well as a play table.  The table wasn't even on my radar when I saw it in the store.  I decided to check it out.  To my shock it was much better made than I thought it was.  When I saw it I knew it would be perfect.  Clearly this was not the Children's bedding we were looking for but we walked out with a craft table instead.   We did find the children's stuff but that is another post for another day.

After seeing it sit in the box for a week and a half I thought it was about time to put it together.  Hubby jumped in to help even if I didn't need it.  I was happy it was easy to put together.

Coco slept by my side while we put this together.  I could have done it myself but hubby insisted on taking over.  I won't complain. 

You have to love the plastic screws.  

I typically am not a fan of light natural wood color but I kinda like it for this.

This is the finished project.  

The center has 3 drawers on each side.  

This table is solid, heavy and well constructed if I do say so myself.  I see lots of crafts being done on this table.


  1. I want this table so bad. Every time I go to IKEA, I beg my hubs to buy it!

    1. It is well worth the money!!! I love it So glad we got it!

  2. This is such a cute table!


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