Friday, July 3, 2015

Using Pins

A lot of the time people just pin and pin never doing anything with it.  I am making the effort to actually use the pins I pin.  

Yoga has been a great way for me to start my morning.  I'm finally falling into a routine with it all.  This sequence below was a great jumping off point.


I love finding little health nuggets like this on pinterest.  The more we begin to eat better the more that I want to know whats in my food and how to make it better. 


No matter how many times I try this it never comes out right.  I can not properly fold a fitted sheet.  This pin should have helped but it didn't.  whomp whomp whomp.


I like seeing the various beauty pins.  Some are helpful, others are not.  This one is so very true.  After having done makeup for several years professionally,  I am often shocked when people tell me about their makeup habits.  If you do any of these STOP now, especially sleeping in your makeup.  Its terrible for your skin.  

I have been searching and searching for the right toy for Bear when I saw this.  It is perfect for my vacuum obsessed child.  It was on Bears birthday gift idea list.  


What have you been pinning and using lately?


  1. I hate folding fitted sheets, they drive me crazy!

    1. Oh I'm in total agreement with you.


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