Wednesday, July 8, 2015

Trip to NY Day 3 and 4

The next morning was much better.  The dogs actually slept in their crate on the porch.  It turned out that there was a dead / dying woodchuck under the porch.  We were catching a whiff of it every now and then but nothing we could figure out.  Once removed the dogs slept well.   

Bear watched paw patrol on the couch in his pillow fort (adorable) while we ate breakfast.

The day was spent just relaxing.  We hung out, had a few beers, and swam in the pool.   Like the amazing blogger I am I did not take many pics this day.  The most upsetting of which is that it was Bears' first time in the pool.  Like very first time.  I held him for a bit, as did hubby.  He slowly began to enjoy it so I thought why not try the float we picked up.  That was a bit of a struggle but 15 minutes later he was splashing and laughing up a storm.   I'm sad we didn't get any pictures.  Next time I guess.

The south is really not big on the whole diner things so I wanted to go since we were in the north.  The last day in NY we went in the morning to the local diner.  On the way we saw this pretty deer in the yard.  We had seen several large deer in the yard throughout our trip but this was the closest we had gotten to them.

If you look hard enough she is in there!

He eats like a champ whenever we go out.  He loved the diner.  He had his meal and then ate some of mine.  Bear also tried Bacon for the first time.  

After the diner we went to a small Italian bakery to bring back some pastries.  
Since I bought so many we had dessert once we returned back to the house.
There was still more than enough to take home. 

You can see more of those yummy cookies and what I bought later.

After some dessert we loaded the car up and headed home. 

It was an easy drive home thankfully.

We relaxed and enjoyed some beers before we had to go back to reality in the morning.

Overall it was a successful trip.  


  1. I'm glad it was a good trip! :)

    1. We had a blast and are excited to go back again!


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